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FriYay! Cocktail Recipes, Friday Favorites, & More!

FriYay! ~ Cocktail Recipes, Friday Favorites, & More!

Woohoo it’s FriYay we made it!  Three day’s to go until school starts!  I talked to a dear friend last week she loves to have her kiddos home and hates when school starts.  As much as I love her,  I always have to wonder when someone says that they love to have their kids home…


TGIF Recipes

These 59 Summer Cocktails Belong On Your Drinking Bucket List


My Friday Favorites

FitFlops are my “Ride or Die” shoes of choice for the Summer.  This particular brand of shoe or I like to call them “the addiction” was introduced by my bf.  Once I put them on, I never took them off.  My kids say they are my old lady flip flops I say pish posh I say they are fabulous.  They will find out soon enough the older you get the more “cush” you need! What makes FitFlops so great is that they are super cute! They come in so many fab designs! And today they are having an awesome sale 70% off PLUS Extra 30% off! Check out the Sale HERE  Below are my favorite pair which I wear almost every day! That were originally $80 and today marked down to $48! 

Today’s Daily Deals

Amazon Daily Deals -Today’s Deals are a little lackluster, a countertop burner, immersion something or other and a radio. So I have gathered up some other deals that look a little more practical.  Follow along on Facebook today to catch other retailers deals! 

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