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#Fridayfeelings Diet update, Tgif Recipes, Weekend Deals & More


Another summer week has come and gone and as much as I had such great aspirations for summer the usual happened.  I started out like gangbusters with crafts and outings and now it’s “go put on a movie” and where is my wine? Nonetheless, we will all survive to see another school year, which is just around the corner somewhat unscathed.

However, last night I took a much needed break!  I accepted an invitation for a night of yoga and cocktails under a blood moon.  During the Yoga sesh we released unwanted toxic emotions, that “were no longer serving us”  and I did come home feeling a little better, but that very well could have been the free prickly pear mimosas plus the very dirty very delicious martini, who knows? 😉  But, If you ever get a chance to join a New moon ceremony I highly recommend it! It was great for the spirit and body.  Just look at my friend and I beaming! Diet update, Tgif Recipes, Weekend Deals & More

Speaking of body…Diet Update

I’m down another 1.5 pounds, wootwoot.  I’m not quite sure if it’s because of the a.m and p.m workouts or the flipping heat around here and I’m just sweating it off.  But I really don’t care, it’s working! My stretchy pants don’t feel like a vice anymore.  And you know it’s bad when your stretchies are tight.  I have to go dress shopping next week, I’ll let you know how that goes, I’m always in a good mood after that!  Because 1) I should have been a boy, I HATE dresses 2)Seriously  I HATE DRESSES!

Starting weight 142 Current weight 136.4

It’s Friyah! Here are The Most Epic Summer Drink Trends


Weekend Deals to Save you Some Moola!

Target-If you missed my article you can catch it HERE , find out how I bought an entire weeks worth of back to school clothes for my daughter for $55! The sale only runs thru Saturday though so act fast!

How I scored 9 items for less than $55


Sephora-  It’s Weekly Wow Time Again! It’s only once a month this happens Grab Awesome deals and full size samples with purchase! Check it out HERE


Loft.comLove a Good Sale: Extra 60% Off All Sale Styles with code: LOVEIT. Offer valid 7/27 at 12am – 8/4 at 11:59pm

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