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Friday Feels A Supermoon, Sugar-free Cocktails & Back to School Deals

Friday Feels

If you read my post yesterday, you have a pretty good idea of my grumpy state of mind so I will skip over all of that and do what I do best and avoid!  My past therapist’s most favorite thing to fuss at me about, so let’s deflect and gab about this super rare occurrence of Friday the 13th and a partial eclipse on the same day!

There hasn’t been a solar eclipse on Friday the 13th since December 13, 1974, and it won’t happen again until September 13, 2080, according to EarthSky.

A Supermoon, Sugar-free Cocktails & Back to School Deals

Well there ya’ go,  It’s as rare as me almost 😉  Unfortunately, the prime location to view this Event is in Australia, bummer,  Next time!

As per Friday tradition, here are your TGIF Cocktail Recipes that I scoured the internet for you! I found this article with all sorts of sugar free suggestions and ideas about how to make drinks low cal and sugar free, check it out!

A Supermoon, Sugar-free Cocktails & Back to School Deals

Today’s Daily Deals..I’m going to start to include Back to school deals for ya’!

Amazon- These are just a few deals that looked interesting, check out all of the daily deals HERE

Sort thru THESE Jansport Backpack color variations and some like the coral and Spanish Teal are as low as $15.99! Jansport usually are priced upwards of $35.


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