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Friday Feels Friday Freebies,Cocktail Recipes & More

Friday Feels~ Free Stuff, Cocktail Recipes & More!

TGIF I’m so glad it’s everyone, not that I have spectacular plans for the weekend but the fact that I don’t have to wake up the the jarring alarm is priceless.  My goal this weekend is to watch movies, enjoy my kiddos, and do as little as possible what about you?

Since my son moved out family dinners have been lackluster lately.  My girls have extracurriculars so usually it’s just party of one around here.  My hubs only eating his own pre-prepared food and my 8-year-old never wanting to eat anything that just leaves little old me.  Last night was different, the girls were getting home early so I decided to actually cook.  Which got me to wondering after all of these years of cooking… Why are artichokes so flippin’ time consuming?  Why has someone not figured this crap out.  They are so delicious (except to an 8-year-old who looked at the final product like it was radioactive) but so  tedious to prep? I’ve always done the same routine… prep, clean, cut, snip.  With bloody hands left as a souvenir along with my delish artichokes.
Has anyone figured out a better way to do this?

Besides this guy?…


If anyone has a better way to tackle artichokes I would love to hear about it in comments!  But until then here is are a couple of fun freebies and Friday cocktail recipes!

Friday’s Cocktail Recipes

I found this cool article with simple recipes for three ingredient cocktail recipes four ways… awesome!

Friday Freebies

Chick Fil-A  – Free 8 Count Nuggets when you download the App ` Valid until September 29th

Redbox- Get a free game rental just text R1 to 727272 on your phone and you will get a FREE Rental  Coupon will expire in 1 week . Sign up for more redbox deals HERE 

Texas Roadhouse-  Sign up for emails and join their rewards club (it’s free) and receive a coupon for a free appetizer a cactus blossom 

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