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Friday Favorites – All things Pink!

Friday Favorites, is probably my favorite thing to post on my instagram Today I’m playing around with pink. You’ll probably never catch me wearing pink with clothing, but make-up is a different story.

The recent trend of wearing subtle pink as a lid color is one of my favorites! Especially flattering women over 40 groups, I think it adds a pop of color and freshens up your entire face.

Don’t go nuts though, you don’t want to end up looking like a muppet. Just a subtle sweep of your blush on your lip, cheep and lid and you’ve got a cohesive subtle “no-makeup, made-up look!”

To do this I use Becca’s Blush in Camelia you can find HERE!  It’s a bit pricey for blush,but it lasts forever. I’ve had this one for about a year!

The mascara duo is an all time fav by Loreal once you try it you won’t go back and you can’t beat the price, this came in a set with the primer.

Next is Nars lip Liner/Lipstick in “Let’s go Crazy” more for a night out for me but you do you boo if you feel like wearing it for the grocery store or carpool lane! You can grab it HERE for only $7.25

This adorable Vaseline tin I received as a promo tester and immediately fell in love and keeps my lips from cracking. I hope they keep it around for a while. You can grab it HERE!

And this palette by “TooFaced”, I really should have opened it for the photo (not enough coffee) It has an array of Pinks and browns. It’s discontinued but you can browse other ‘Too faced Palettes HERE..

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