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Forgiveness Day Forgiveness Day

Tuesday’s Recipes, Deals & More!

Good morning everyone! Hoping you had a fab Monday! There is nothing remarkable about Tuesday so,  I will have my regular Recipes, Deals and Random Silly Web stuff I find for you.  But interesting nugget I found out about today, June 26th. Today is Forgiveness Day.

Forgiveness Day~ Recipes, Deals & More!

I’m a big believer in Forgiveness.  If you don’t forgive it whomever or whatever hurt or slighted you, they win and the anger will corrode your soul and spirit.  Click on the Pic below to read an article I wrote for an online magazine the littleredbirdpress.com titled “Thriving not just Surviving after an Abusive Relationship.”  Maybe it will help someone find their voice today.

Forgiveness Day~ Recipes, Deals & More!

Ok, Let’s lighten thing’s up figuratively and literally with a cool looking Keto Recipe for Pretzels!  What do you think?  Forgiveness Day~ Recipes, Deals & More!

Funny Video of the day totally unrelated to anything but YES I need this in my life!


Today’s Deals from around the Internet

Loft.com 40% off Everything! Woohoo! Click on the Banner!


Amazon Daily Deals-Instant Pots, USB’s, Nail Accessories and Solar Lights are today’s Deals



Sephora-Score 7 Make-Up samples with $35 purchase

Zulily.com here are just a few of the many sales featured today! 





Have a Fab Tuesday Everyone! If you would like to have me check out sales from your favorite online store let me know in comments!

This post may contain affiliate links where they author earns a commission if you decide to purchase anything from those links. See full disclosure.


  1. Nice blog! I so enjoyed reading this and I also think that it’s better to forgive than to avenge because it’s easier and doesn’t have consequences.

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