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First Day of School! (and Some Other Not as Important Stuff)

First Day of School! (and Some Other Not as Important Stuff)

It’s the First Day of School, First Day of School, First Day of School!  Can you feel my excitement?  As much as I love my nuggets, I LOVE my alone time.  And nothing makes you realize that more than summer time.

I have big plans today to work out alone, eat lunch alone, take a shower alone it’s going to be so great.  Then I’ll probably feel a bit of mom guilt for feeling so great but I’ll suffer thru it.  Then I’ll drive alone to the grocery store without any children arguing in the backseat and play whatever I want on the radio and definitely be feeling awesome as I walk thru those isles without any “Can I get’s?” After my glorious solo trip to the store and peacefully unloading groceries,  I will start to miss the little buggars.

Fast forward pick up,  I will wait for the little one after school. My  eyes will mist up upon seeing her and realizing I missed them so much.  She will run into my arms, we will ride home discussing her day.  The other kids will get home and we will have about 4.5 minutes of peace before armageddon starts… the bickering, the fighting, the chiding as I pour myself an adult beverage knowing that school starts again in 14 hours and counting, tick tock.



Today’s Recipes

Today I found some cookie recipes for my “Keto Friends” out there! Courtesy of “My Keto Kitchen”

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