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Page Turners!

Page Turner – “Finding Sheba” H.B. Moore


“Finding Sheba” by H.B. Moore was an accidental book choice in my kindle on my part.  I accidentally pushed the “buy” button instead of preview button(shhh…don’t tell superman.)  But it turned out to be a good mistake.  I enjoyed this adventure of a book.  It read like a newer version of an Indiana Jones Movie. The writing was colorful and clever.  

Without giving anything away “Finding Sheba” was a modern day mystery while going back in time to life of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba.   I am now very curious as to the mystery behind the Queen, her history, and especially her influence on current  beliefs for some religions.  I need to do some more research on the topic.   “Queen of Sheba” is classified as fiction but some of the details in the book are indeed based on fact I found out after some light googling.

I do recommend this book, especially if you like period fiction.  The historical fiction chapters are very detailed and well written.

Has anyone read Sheba, Or the second one in the series?  I’m thinking about buying #2 thoughts?

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