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Fakin’ it in my 40’s My Favorite Eye Care Products that Help me Fake my 40's!

Faking it in my 40’s~Three of my Favorite Eye Care Products That Help me Look Rested and “not so 40.”

“The eyes are the windows to your soul…” Shakespeare coined that gem.  I’m not quite sure I subscribe to that,  especially as I get older and my eyes start to show the signs of aging.

I have embraced my forties with vigor.  I appreciate my newly found wisdom, confidence, and a take no prisoners attitude. But unfortunately with these pro’s comes a oh so sad list of cons;  crows feet, tired eyes even though you thought you slept well and the heavy eyelids.

My biggest weapon in my anti-aging arsenal is botox but that isn’t all I use to combat the signs of aging around my eyes.  I need all the help I can get to fight my genetic circles, crows feet from never smiling 😉 and ridiculously heavy lids.  I’ve rounded up my top three eye products that I use daily to help me “fake my forties.”

Three of my Favorite Eye Care Products that Help me Fake my 40's!

BeLif “EyeBomb”

The first eye product is my Belif “Eye Bomb.” This stuff is the bees knees.  Eye bomb is really hydrating without being too greasy and it absorbs well.  What I love most about the Belif is that it’s cost effective.  A dab will do ya,’ a very tiny amount goes a very long way.

The main ingredient in the Eye Bomb is water, yes water! That makes me feel better…The fact that something so simple combined with other components plumps and makes those tiny little lines disappear.

According to the Belif Website  Belif Eye Bomb;

“Formulated with hydrating herb, comfrey leaf, and elasticity-boosting pennywort herb, the Moisturizing Eye Bomb provides a flood of intensive moisture for radiant and youthful-looking eyes. This cooling texture instantly bursts with hydration and blends seamlessly, keeping the eye area supple and hydrated while prepping it for a smooth crease-free makeup application.”

You can shop the Belif Eye Bomb Here;

Clinique Pep-start

My morning eye helper is Clinique’s PepStart which I leave in my fridge for that extra added boost and morning wake up call!  The Pep-start also has this really cool little rollerball applicator that really helps with puffiness in the morning.

Fun Fact about Clinique’s Pep-start, It got it’s name from the unique blend of peptides in the products formulation.

This product is also an Allure Best of Beauty award winner!  Shop it HERE 



Kat Von D’s Lock It Concealer Creme

Kat Von D’s Lock it Concealer Creme is my heavy hitter in my battle with the signs of aging around my eyes.  If I can’t fix it, well let’s just hide it, and this stuff “lock it concealer” literally hides everything and keeps it hidden all day with zero creasing.

Lock it Concealer is not just for eyes.  I use it anywhere I need some camouflage, dark spots, blemishes anywhere.  It’s a concealer with mad ninja like skills in the camo department!  The best part?…It comes in 21 different shades, so you are bound to find just the right shade.

Shop Lock it HERE 


What’s in your age fighting arsenal?  I’d love to know your tricks and tools in comments!




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