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Fairies Dancing in my Front Yard ?

Fairies Dancing in my Front Yard?…Monday as Usual

Who doesn’t love a touch of whimsy ?   Whimsy just makes you smile and we all can benefit from more smiling (especially me!) So when I noticed a bizarre shaped mushroom patch in my front yard and while walking also noticed my neighbor had the exact circular mushroom patch in his front yard.  I deduced this could not be a coincidence and  I had to figure out why…google to the rescue! 

We’ll what do you know,  It’s no coincidence.  Some mushrooms do grow in these weird circular shapes and and the phenomenon is  called “Fairy Rings.”  English, Scottish and other European folk lore indicates fairies were dancing in my front yard, then jumped over to my neighbor’s yard.  I thought that was the sweetest thing I had ever heard.  Of course there was a scientific reason for this pattern blah, blah, fungus, blah…but I will stick to the fairy dancing reasoning.

When I told my eight-year old and showed her the pattern she quickly asked “umm like the tooth fairy?”  To which I replied, no these are different fairies  quickly losing attention once she learned these fairies would not be leaving her a treasure (sigh) Oh well, you win some and lose some.

I begged my husband to not mow the whimsical circle, but no luck.  So certain doom is surely headed his way according to Scottish Lore ;

He wha tills the fairies’ green
Nae luck again shall hae :
And he wha spills the fairies’ ring
Betide him want and wae.
For weirdless days and weary nights
Are his till his deein’ day.
But he wha gaes by the fairy ring,
Nae dule nor pine shall see,
And he wha cleans the fairy ring
An easy death shall dee.[61]


I love it when, you absorb some random piece of knowledge don’t you?  This tidbit was a double bonus because, it was just so sweet!  I hope it made you smile like it did me.  We have to take smiles where we can get them even with fungus in your yard 😉

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