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Fabulous Summer Straw Purses and Totes Under $15! Run, don’t walk!

While doing my usual Walmart run this weekend, I couldn’t help but browse the super cute “beach-y” area they had set up. And be still my heart what did they have? An entire selection of adorable straw purses and beach totes all under $15 and some $9 ON CLEARANCE! Yes, you read right, $9!

Before you know it, I had four of these in my cart…Do you see that yellow sticker under them? You read right folks, Summer Straw Purses for only $9!

Summer Straw Purses

Of course, selection varies by store. I visited another store in my area and no such luck. But it’s worth the extra trip to score these super cute totes, for such an amazing price!

Here is another larger version of the “No Boundaries” brand tote that would be perfect for pool days, as it’s really big and has tons of different compartments. It also comes in 4 different color schemes. I love the multi-color! This super cute tote is $14.97 online HERE but at my local store, it is only $9! Worth the jaunt to your local store!

summer straw purses

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