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Embroidered Fashion~The Classic Summer Trend @SimplyComplictedMom.com

Embroidered Fashion~The Classic Summer Trend

Embroidery dates as far back as the–3rd century BC as a form of artwork.  Anywhere you look today this beautiful yet delicate form of art is present,  from home goods like pillows and textiles to pieces of art on exhibit.  Today’s  fashion is no exception.  Embroidery is showing up on clothing everywhere, from shirts, to dresses.  Embroidery on clothing is one of this year’s hottest trends.  The trend doesn’t look like it is going anywhere soon!

I grew up in a border town, and  was fortunate to have hand stitched Mexican dresses available everywhere.  I now dress my daughter in the adorable little smocks as you can see here.  At the time I hated them, because I just wanted to look like the other kids.  I dress my daughter in them.  Trying to maintain any semblance of innocence in her.  Plus, they are easy, adorable and cool in the hot summer months.

I’ve gone ahead and rounded up some cute and affordable clothing with embroidery options for you via Jane.com.   






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