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Fifty Shades Fans Get Ready, EL James is Releasing a New Steamy Novel, “The Mister”

Yes, Fifty Shades Fans hold on to your whips it’s happening. EL James is releasing a new steamy novel promising to rival the Fifty Shades Trilogy!

EL James is Releasing a New Steamy Novel, "The Mister"

The book titled “The Mister” takes place in London. I’m sure this was purposely done so that if ever a billion dollar movie deal is struck the main character, handsome and wealthy “Maxim” will have perfectly set lighting cascading across his amazingly hairless and chiseled abs as he romances and seduces mysterious woman appropriately named “Alessia.” Because what else would a beautiful woman from unknown whereabouts with possibly an unsavory past be named certainly not Jane or Susan?

Despite the “wealthy boy meets bad girl romance plot” being a tad predictable, EL James is promising readers a “thrilling and sensual tale.” And there is no doubt in my mind that she will deliver. The “Fifty Shades Trilogy” bringing in a measly 1.3 billion worldwide.

I am also pretty confident that “The Mister”  that promises to be full of skillfully written and very descriptive erotic details, will once again leave husbands everywhere smiling and the #metoo movement screaming and not in an EL James approved manner.

El James Releasing New Novel The Mister

Do you plan on reading “The Mister?” I would love to hear your thoughts in comments! …

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