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Easy & Affordable DIY Valentine Idea! DIY Dollar Tree Valentine for your lil' Boy or Girl!

This  DIY Dollar Tree DIY Mason Jar Valentine Took about 10 minutes and $5 for each kiddo to assemble.   Making this Valentine Easy for little hands and affordable for the mamas!

Valentines for Girlies

All available at your local Dollar tree or online  HERE! 

DIY Dollar Tree Valentine

I bought for the “girl mason jar

  • My little Pony Bracelet
  • Disney Princess Magic Towel
  • “Yoyo” Surprise  Key Chain
  • Disney Princess Collector Cards

Valentines for Boys

For Boy Valentine Mason Jar I bought

  • Skylander Surprise Pack
  • Magic Towel
  • Hot Wheels Minecraft Edition
  • Silly Putty

(For both I included Happy Valentines Note Books for fillers,  Candy would work as well)

DIY Dollar Tree Valentine

Next, I had the littles put all of the goodies in the jars,  So easy…My kind of craft! And we glued the ribbon to the lids to avoid the ribbon slipping and sliding!

DIY Dollar Tree Valentine

Lastly,  I had them write on the top of the mason jar who the valentine was to in red sharpie while patting myself on the shoulder because I resisted my O.C.D urge to take this over at this point and I let them do it themselves. And Voila 10 minutes later we had our easy and affordable Valentine gift.

DIY Dollar Tree Valentine

DIY Dollar Tree Valentine

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