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Dollar Tree – Latest Treasures! Awesome Finds at Dollar Tree


Who doesn’t love the ” DollarTree?”   It’s almost impossible to go in there for one item and just come out with one item!

I visit my local Dollar Tree every week, sometimes twice.  Yes I know, I have a problem.   Logic tells me I’m probably not saving money when I go in for one item and come out with $30 but isn’t that the thrill of it…Seeing what treasures you can snag for a buck?!

My only discipline tactic for myself and tip for you my peeps is NEVER get a full sized cart, EVER!  Always get the handheld basket, Because if you do you will fill that sucker to the top!  I have had times where I had to eventually put the basket inside the cart, because the weight of it threatened to break my shoulder but that still counts as a basket right?

I thought I would share the love.  Everytime I go to Dollar Tree,  and find something fabulous, I’m going to post the pics!  Here is this week’s haul!  (Superman close your eyes) I’m saving us money 😉

I bought:

  • 2 X 3 pack of paper valentines bags ADORABLE
  • Glitter Glue Gun,  Well, why not?..We all need a little more glitter in our lives!
  • Perfect Car or Purse Size Dove Hand Creme
  • Squeezy Yummy Squishy Key/Backpack Clips- My daughter loves these and are usually $5 at other stores
  • A “bai” drink – I just wanted to taste to see what all the buzz was about!  -Eh it was alrightDollar Tree HaulIf you find any treasures at your Dollar Tree send me a message and we will showcase them here!
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