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Thrifty Thursday-DIY Part II DIY Bench Redo

Thrifty Thursday- DIY Bench Redo

It’s Thrifty Thursday and it’s part II of my DIY bench redo!  It’s also pushing noon and I’m killing myself to put this post together.  Please don’t misunderstand,  the DIY part of the project actually was easy peasy, as promised and I will show you in a bit.  But the actual sitting down to write about it is a whole other story.  Eh-such is the life of a busy mom, wife, and budding entrepreneur pushing mid 40’s sigh… (double sigh to that last part)

To catch anyone up, that may have missed the original Thrifty Thursday post regarding this DIY Bench Redo here ya go…

THrifty Thursday diy bench

I had wanted to take a break from thrift shopping for a few weeks and tackle some other way to save money and also bring you something different to read about.  Mission accomplished!  I found in my closet a gross, water-damaged old bench that I saw a glimmer of potential in.

The only supplies I needed were;

my painting shoes, (lesson learned from previous projects)
my handy dandy staple gun
spray paint
fabric- on clearance at Hobby Lobby
…and Tadah a lazy crafters perfect DIY Bench redo for under $30 saving me heaps of money! Here are the easy-peasy instructions and pics!

Thrifty Thursday DIY BENCH


Check it out!…I ended up liking this bench so much it’s been promoted to my bedroom, Do you like it? I also plan on making throw pillows with the extra fabric for my bed all for a cool $30…double score!

diy bench redoHave you done any easy craft or DIY projects lately that would make Martha twitch? I would love to hear about them in comments!

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