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Wednesday Motivation…Or Something like that Diet Update, Daily Deals & More!

Wednesday Motivation…Or Something like that

Diet Update, Daily Deals & More!

As I sit here typing before the sun comes up, before the kids gets up, BEFORE my coffee has given my my first jolt I am truly feeling my age with every joint and muscle screaming at me from my workout yesterday.  Gone are the days where I could skip a meal and go running and lose a couple of pounds. I am lucky now to go full bore and workout every day and lose 3 in a week to then only eat two bites of a cupcake and blow up like a puffer fish instantaneously all of my hard work undone in one bite.

Why have you forsaken me father time and taken with you my metabolism?  What did I ever do to you?  I started this diet for the 800 time and I was down about 6 pounds now I am down to about 3.  Yup,  life happened, kids happened, sam’s club happened.  So I will trudge on, workout again, take more aleve, eat more chicken and Jillian will keep yelling at me.  I will eventually figure this out or I won’t.

Before Weight 142 .    Current Weight 139


Today’s Recipe

I love the Rotisserie Chickens at Sam’s Club for $4.98 & can usually make them last for two days.  I found these recipes using rotisserie chickens for you!   Tzatziki Chicken Salad
Chicken and Strawberry Salad
Chicken Fajitas
15-Minute Shawarma Bowl


Daily Deals

Here are just a few of today’s daily deals from Amazon and a few I thought looked interesting.  For the entire selection click HERE!



Fall is upon us here is my post yesterday if you missed it to get you in the mood with some adorable fall clothing and home goodies!

Adorable Clothing & Home Goods to Get you Ready for Fall


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