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“Tuesday’s are Great…” Said No One Ever Sandal Deals, An Awesome Contest, and Other Randomness!

“Tuesday’s are Great…” Said No One Ever

Today I’m bringing you an awesome and hilarious contest, me being the butt of the joke.  And I’ve also got some awesome sandal deals from my favorite sandal designer, Sam Edelman! It’s Tuesday…What Can I say…

This week I’m working on a cool “Disney Cheat Sheet” Post that will be up on the blog this week, so keep an eye out for that.  It will have tons of ways to save money at the uber expensive big rodent-themed park.  If you missed the Summer Activities post you can check it out HERE!  It has free or nearly free summer activities for kiddos this summer!

If you follow our Facebook page (if you don’t, do so immediately;) You know that last night I came across a new form of working out called “float fit.”  It intrigued me! Prompting me to start a friendly contest,  I’m going to try the class with friends.  How many times do YOU think I will fall off?  The first person that answers with the correct answer in the post labeled “official contest post.” Is going to win an Amazon gift card.  Keep an eye out!

Today’s Daily Deals

Amazon Daily Deals

30% off Nutro Dog Food tons of Varieties Click HERE
Up to 60% off Outdoor Decor, Check it out HERE
Up to 60% off DNA KITS 3 to choose from!

Sam Edelman Sandals- My Favorite Sandals Ever!

I was carousing Amazon yesterday and of course found myself in the sandal section.  I just love Sam Edelman.  They are priced great for the lasting power and always on trend!  I found a couple for you to flip through HEREThe striped slides are my favorite!…Which are yours?


Jane.com Deals  ~ More Jane Deals HERE

Criss Cross Flats Were $59 Now $19!
Travel Pants Were $34 Now $18.99
Striped Blouse Was $42 Now $21











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