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Daily Deals, Recipes, Diet Update and More!

Daily Deals, Recipes, Diet Update and More!

Hoping is everyone having a relaxing summer.  If you need to play catch up I started a “Summer Weight Loss Challenge” yesterday. Otherwise known as “let’s watch Mari lose her mind while she denies herself her vice.” Which is why I chose an angry cat as my background today if you were wondering.  But hey,  I’m determined to do this, so I’m going to be or TRY to be positive about this.  Anyone else trying to shed some weight out there?    

Day 1 Diet Update

I was freaking starving yesterday.  I haven’t gotten over the diet hump yet.  You know where your tummy feels flat and you stop obsessing about everything edible? As far as working out,  just didn’t happen yesterday, unless yard work counts.  But Jillian and I have a date today. (PS she has a deal right now 7 day free trial) Click HERE to check it out.   Today is a new day right?  If you’re on a weight loss journey hang in there, it’s a bitch! Someday’s your head is in the game and someday’s your head is working against you! A friend suggested Optivia diet another friend suggested Bistro MD.  I LOVE all the feedback and support xoxoxoxo, keep it coming!

Current Mood While Dieting

Today’s Recipe

I found this recipe for Taco Stuffed Avocado and they look so good and low carb! Please don’t tell me one is “recommended serving size?”

Daily Deals, Recipes, Diet Update and More!


Let’s Laugh for a Sec!

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