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Cute, Easy, & “On the Cheap” Teacher Gift!


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Cute, Easy, & “On the Cheap!”  My three favorite adjectives especially during the holidays.

Here is a cute holiday teacher gift my little and I put together yesterday in about ten minutes for about $5 a piece.  If you want to up your game a bit you can add a gift card in there easy peasy!

We bought all of the items at our local dollar tree.  Which btw, going to dollar tree during the holidays is about as much fun as a root canal but we endured.

Supplies; Coffee Mugs, Ribbon, Candy Canes, Hot Cocoa Mix, Treat Bags, and Pepperidge Farm Pirouettes

First,  Gather all supplies- Try not to break a mug like we did.  Now we get to go back to dollar tree, woohoo!

Pirrouettes, Mugs, Cocoa, Candy Canes, & Treat Bags

Next, Have the little hands assemble the mugs gently and try in vain to control the Pirouette and candy cane consumption.

Someone had a tummy ache last night, I wonder why?

We chose to leave the candy canes on the outside.  It looked a bit more organized.  If you have any gift cards to include do so now.

Finally,  I suggest mom ties the bows. Unless you are easy going,  opposite of me.  I prefer perfect ties and made the mistake of letting the little do the tying and then had to redo them afterwards on the dl.

Voila a teacher Gift.  Cute, Easy and On the Cheap!




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