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Cute & Easy Halloween Treats Witch's Hat & Broomsticks!

Cute & Easy Halloween Treats

Here are my last two easy Halloween treats, “Witch’s Hat and Broomsticks.”  If you missed the first two, “Ghostly Graveyards & Spooky Spiders,” you can catch up here…

Simple and Fun Halloween Treat Fun and Easy Halloween Treat







Today is my final Easy Halloween treat tutorial “Witch’s Hats and Broomsticks”  and I use that words loosely because all three of these spooky treats are so simple my 8-year-old lil’ witch assistant pretty much did them on her own, with little direction from me. Needless to say, there has been a considerable increase in chocolate intake and the need for spandex this week 😉

For your witch’s hats and broomsticks, you need a total of only 5 ingredients, woohoo!  And the Oreos you already have from the Spooky Spiders, double score!

Here is your super easy Halloween treat list…

Easy Halloween Treat


After gathering your ingredients, enlist the help of a little witch.  They make the best helpers, as long as they don’t eat more than assist like mine!

Grab your Oreos and separate them.  I have seen other witches hats with the cookie intact, I thought it looked a bit bulky.  But you do you boo! (no pun intended 😉
Next, I added a few drops of green food coloring and made 1/8 cup of green icing to adhere the kiss to the hat.
Finally, plop your chocolate kiss on top and voila …Witch’s Hats

Easy Halloween Treat


Now onto our final and easiest of all of the Halloween treats, the accessory to our witch’s hats… “Witches Broomsticks.”

Grab your ingredients to this super cute and the easiest of all of the Halloween treats…Pretzel Sticks, Leftover icing from your hats and mini peanut butter cups
Poke holes in the tops of the cups, I figured this out after losing a few sticks to breakage (lesson learned)
Next, dab your pretzel stick in your green icing.  This is optional, I think the color added a little something to the broomsticks.
And finally, stick that pretzel into your mini peanut butter cup and tadah…”Witches Broomsticks!

You could not have a cuter and easier Halloween Treat except for the first two we did last week, “ghostly graveyards and Spooky Spiders.”

Easy Halloween Treat



For more DIY the Simply way, Under 5 ingredients and takes less than 10 minutes click HERE>>>

If you have any cute Halloween ideas I would love to hear about them in comments below! 


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