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Cure Natural Aqua Gel- Beauty Product Review Beauty Product Review Exfoliation Gel

Cure Natural Aqua Gel– Beauty Product Review

Cure Natural Aqua Gel- Beauty Product Review

The Backstory

Cure AquaGel was on the market long before many other gentle sloughing products.   I first received Cure Aqua Gel as a gift from my best “sister friend.”  She was adamantly preaching Aqua Gel’s exfoliating abilities. If you’ve been reading my blog you know I’m a sucker for a good product and will try anything once! So I tried the Aqua Gel in the hopes of receiving the results of a good exfoliation similar to that of a glycolic peel…

I love a good peel and I’m a tad bit sick in the fact that I love a tad bit of pain when it comes to my beauty regime.  “No pain, no gain right?”   I grew up in the day’s of Epilady, ironing my hair with an actual iron and tanning with iodine.  I’ve also endured on occasion microdermabrasion followed by a TCA peel (OucH.)  That being said of my tolerance and experience,  the aqua gel and it’s effects are  similar to the results to what a light microdermabrasion gives you minus the stinging, perfect for someone with sensitive skin or a novice exfoliator.

Application & Results

You apply the Cure Aqua Gel generously after you wash your face.  You then begin to slough off the gel until it all comes off plus some nasty skin.  Again I am not a new comer to exfoliation, so I went at it like sandpaper and you probably could have seen smoke if you I close enough.  My sink was full of dead sink and leftover product.

I do like this product and I use it when I just need a light refreshing.  It would be good for sensitive skin just needing a little pick me up.  I also use on my feet when they are peeling and on my hands after I have been gardening to remove any loose rough skin.

Overall I think this is a great product and I would recommend it.  You can check it out HERE

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