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The Art of Cupping


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“Cupping”  is more of a wellness thing.  Although my massage therapist tells me it can be used for just about anything…  cellulite, skin conditions to name a few.  I used it for shoulder pain related to my fibro.  It all started with the placement of the cups, basically where you need the relief and the surrounding area.  The application of the cups didn’t feel so great.  It was like a really painful hickey or like 20 really painful hickies!  The cups then stay on for anywhere from 15-25 minutes. Then the good stuff,  It was utterly orgasmic when the cups are removed, sheer bliss for a few seconds! Instant pain relief, at least for a awhile.

There is some pain relief.  In my case, a few days.  Unfortunately,  the pain didn’t stay away for long.  Warning, the bruises stick with you for awhile along with stares.

Take away-  I will do again.  I did have some pain relief.  I just won’t do when I want to wear a strappy top 😉

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