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Does Cupping Really Work? Important Facts about Cupping!

Does Cupping Really Work?

The ancient therapeutic art of Cupping is said to have been dated to as far back as 3000 bc but does therapeutic cupping really work?

What is Cupping?

Cupping is an ancient art of creating a vacuum with cups which are placed on the skin, where there is thought to be some sort of ailment, inflammation or congestion.  The vacuum is thought to cause a blood stasis and when removed pull out toxins and provide oxygen so healing can begin to take place.

The earliest record of cupping dates back to 1500 bc Egypt.  There have also been reports of cupping in ancient China dating back to 1000 b.c. Other ancient cultures also utilized the therapeutic art of cupping such as the greeks. Hippocrates, who was known as the father of modern medicine at the time used cupping for internal medicine.  The therapy soon spread thru the Asian and European civilizations each one having a different name for the ancient art and different medicinal uses.

Modern Day Uses for Cupping

One report in 2015 in the Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine, notes that it could help with acneherpes zoster, and pain management.

Other non-researched backed claims of cupping treated ailments include ;

Side Effects

Side effects to cupping include burns, infection, and bruises.  Please seek out a trained professional when looking for cupping therapy.

My Personal Experience with Cupping-Did Cupping Work?

I have chronic shoulder and neck pain having been diagnosed with fibromyalgia.  Not quite ready to accept that diagnosis yet and   I refuse to take the meds that make me walk sideways.  When my pain is more than I can bear I get massages and seek out other non-traditional treatments like acupuncture.  Luckily, my massage therapist Matthew is trained in some of the Ayurvedic arts and Cupping was one of them.

I was nervous but excited. I had heard good things about cupping and it’s benefits.  After my usual massage, Matthew pulled out his very mysterious cupping case.  He explained that some were heated, we were doing non-heated today, me being a cupping virgin 😉  He placed the cups from the afflicted area and proceeded to create the suction.  Matthew explained there are levels of suction, and that because I am new he would be going to a moderate level. I personally like a little pain (not in a weird way) so I didn’t find it uncomfortable.  Matthew then left the cups on for a period of time for the therapy to work.  I found this time blissful, but not as blissful as when the cups were removed.  When the cups have removed the muscle and the fascia are completely at rest.  My always tense muscles were completely relaxed, which NEVER happens.

Important Side note; Cupping leaves scars  for about a week that resemble giant hickies.  Cupping- Does it Work?

The Take-Away

I’ve had cupping done once more since originally writing this.  The effects last for a few days in my case.  With the reading that I have been doing, the lasting effects vary from person to person.  I will continue to have it done, I enjoy the temporary pain relief that only therapeutic cupping provides.


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