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Coming Soon~More #wcw Calling All Awesome Business Women~WE NEED YOU!


Calling All Awesome Business Women~ All MLMS, All Bloggers, All Franchise Owners, Brick and Mortar Owners, Artists, Etsy Shops, and everything in Between~We Need You!

I’f you’re familiar with my blog you have probably figured out I’m all about “girl power.”   I recently started a weekly blog post entitled #wcw  Check it out here  !  I would like to grow this into something bigger.

I would like to start featuring  women owned businesses in addition to my #wcw.  Women like you, me, our sisters, mothers, friends who have ventured out on our own.  Who have followed our dreams.  Who are putting in endless hours, busting our butts.  Women that are staring down the “naysayers” and making it happen.

Send me a quick story of how you started your mlm, business, franchise, whatever the business is.  Please include High Resolution JPEG photos and a link to your site, catalog, social media or where ever you want the funnel headed.  If you don’t want a funnel and just are needing a shout out for all of your blood, sweat, and tears.  That is ok too.  I’ve got you! Send me your info!

All that I ask in return is a link back, and to kindly share the #wcw facebook post of the week on your facebook to shine the light on some awesome women.  It will help to grow every one’s business and social media.  Sort of like a legal “old school chain letter.”

Send Info and Inquires to!  I can’t wait to hear from all these awesome hard working ladies!




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