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“Clear the Rack” still Happening! Tissot Watch Flash Sale Mens & Women's Watches 50% off!

“Clear the Rack” still Happening

Tissot Watch Flash Sale Mens & Women’s Watches 50% off!

It happens twice a year and it’s fabulous!  Clear the Rack, where Nordstrom Rack the outlet of Nordstroms has their biannual sale and offers 25% off in addition to their all ready great clearance for a total savings of 75% !  The sale is happening online as well as at their brick and mortar locations.  "Clear the Rack" still Happening

Right Now at the “Clear the Rack” Sale they are featuring a Tissot Watch Flash Sale with some Tissot Watches up to 50% off!

I found this super cute wrap watch 51% off! Originally $295 now $146! "Clear the Rack" still Happening


And don’t forget about the UGG sale still happening with UGGS starting at $49! 

"Clear the Rack" still Happening

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