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Charcoal Bubble Mask~What Are They and Do they Work? Beauty Product Review~Charcoal Bubble Masks

Charcoal Bubble Mask~What are They & Do They Work?

Recently we received a charcoal bubble mask as a gift,  we were intrigued but apprehensive.  We (being my daughters and I) have an aversion to textures-don’t ask.  But curiosity killed the cat …

I wanted to dive into the Charcoal Mask  face first. But was curious so I did some research.  What is up with the bubbling?  Poprocks? Rice Krispies, “snap, krackle and pop? ” What’s the bubble all about  I needed to know, and this is what I found out about Charcoal bubble masks.

The Charcoal Bubble Mask-What is it and How Does it Work? (The “Scienc-y” Stuff)

The Charcoal bubble masks are intended to bubble, like REALLY BUBBLE! Therefore a chemical reaction takes place on your face.  The main ingredients are charcoal and per-fluorocarbons that dissolve oxygen gas and create a bubbling sensation.  You will see this bubbling action below on my face.  It grows as you massage it into your face as per the directions.  The charcoal ingredient works like any other charcoal beauty product by pulling toxins out of your skin.
Charcoal Bubble Mask~What are They & Do They Work

The Charcoal Bubble Mask (Not so Scientific Trial)

Let me reiterate- I have issues with texture, will vomit at the thought of eating oysters (my poor husband 😉 I barely survived the newborn-poop stage of my children intact.  So I went into this one knowing it was going to be a personal challenge. Charcoal Bubble Mask~What are They & Do They Work

If you are familiar with my blog, you know that I am no stranger to masks, truth be told I probably have a small addiction.  I digress,  I put it on, but the difference is you have to massage this one in…EWE…Slimy bubbles, that grow like a mad science experiment.  I know I’m probably not going to sell any masks here, but when I started this blog I swore to myself I would always be an honest engine.  So there’s honest for you GROSS.  The mask grows and grows bubbles.

Charcoal Bubble Mask~What are They & Do They Work
My skin was crawling at this point…

Now I’m sure if you don’t have a problem with textures, you will not be bothered at all.  It took all that I had to keep the mask on for the recommended time of 15-20 minutes.  In fact, I had every intention of doing a vlog for this one but It probably would not have been pg *&^%^&*!  because of all of the profanity-laced adjectives, I was using at the time to describe the experiment that was taking place on my face.


Rinsing could not have come soon enough.  After rinsing, and rinsing, and rinsing I was pleasantly surprised to find that my skin had almost a rubbery and very clean, hydrated and shiny appearance.  I was very happy with that.

Will I do it in the future? Probably.

Do Charcoal Bubble Masks Work…YES

Did I like the final results?…YES FINALLY

Am I a big baby? YES.  If you would like to purchase,  Here’s a link 🙂 

I survived


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