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Calling all Crafters.. Crafting Supplies & Ideas in one Place!

Calling All Crafters…

If you’ve been reading my blog you know by now I love the occasional craft. And by  craft I mean Easy (less than 5 steps) and there is absolutely NO glitter involved.  I am by no means Martha Stewart, I am more like Martha’s twice removed cousin by marriage when It comes to crafting.  

So while engulfed in my usual Saturday routine;  Sipping my coffee while carousing Amazon I came across another little secret corner of Amazon.

I call these  little places  “Easter Eggs.”  Similar to Easter Eggs in movies.  Little secret nuggets that you have to search to find.  For instance; two weeks ago I came across Amazon’s new house cleaning service? What the what?!  My easter egg this morning was a  Amazon crafting page!  Not just selling stuff but craft ideas for every age! Like this Leaf decoration idea.

Crafting Supplies & Ideas in one Place!

Am I the last person to know about this?  It took some looking around to find it.  I accidentally closed the window and it took me at least twenty minutes to realize I could just look in my history to find it again~Coffee hadn’t kicked in yet.  So I thought I would share it with you today!..I hope you enjoy this little nugget of an easter egg.

Which craft will you try first?  The Concrete bowls look pretty cool!

Check the cool craft ideas out here on the Creative Pages Sections of Amazon!


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