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The “B” Word~ BOTOX! Botox- #1 Tool in my "Amazing Aging" Toolbox

Botox- #1 Tool in my “Amazing Aging” Toolbox

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that I’m not going down without a fight.  Not necessarily believe in “anti aging.”  That’s impossible.  I just want to look the best I can for my age and Botox helps me to do that.  

I have enough lotions and potions for 20 women.  My skincare routine at night has foiled many a romantic evening.  Coming to bed looking like a green sea monster on the everlasting quest of achieving Korean “glass skin.”  I’m obsessed with skin care in general and hoping to pass this self-care habit on-to my daughters.  Constantly reiterating to them that our skin is our largest organ and we only have one, take care of it.  Layer on sunscreen and wash it off at night (as they roll their teenage eyes at me.)  I pray it’s not falling on deaf ears and some of this advice is sinking in.  Botox

I put off injections as long as possible.  Being the last of my friends to jump the Botox Bandwagon.  Not for any particular reason, just because I knew once I started I wouldn’t be able to stop.  And I was right..I love this stuff.  The immediate gratification is like no other.  Within 48 hours your lines are visibly smoother.  There is no waiting for 6 weeks for visible results like most regimes.

Before Left After Right

I have Botox injected every six months for an eyelid lift.  I was so sick and tired of eyelid sweat and droopy eyelids.  Before botox,  I would apply eyeshadow on my lids and it would end up by my brows.   So my Doctor (a board certified MD)  injects units between my eyebrows to stave off the “grimace” lines and she does a touch at the end of my eyebrows to give me the lift.  And boy howdy does it. Check out the Before and After !

Botox-Does it Hurt?..

Botox does not feel wonderful, but is not a lasting pain.    I have been medically numbed with lidocaine and I’ve used ice packs.  I personally find the ice more effective.  The smaller the gauge of the needle the less it will hurt.  It is nothing you cannot handle.  Botox

Botox-Who, Where, and How Much?

I’ve had bad botox where I ended up looking like Quasimodo’s little sister and I have had great botox.  It’s up to you to do your research, and please get it done by an MD.  Not at a party or by a friend, or a friend of a friend.   It is poison in your face.   When done correctly it is a miracle.

I generally wait 6 months between treatments.  I have friends that go only 3-4 months between injections.  It is personal and individual case by case.  My personal opinion is when you first get it done it lasts a bit longer.  Botox is more effective the younger you get injected and before heavy deep lines set in.  Botox is not effective on already deep wrinkles.

Pricing- My doctor has promotions twice a year and Botox is promoted at a discount of $10/unit.  In my case I use 32 units.  Everyone is different.  I’ve seen whole face promotions in my neck of the woods for $450.  Which include whole forehead & crows feet.  Always do your research.  Always ask for referrals, and ask your friends their opinions.  There is never a shortage of women and their willingness to give you their opinions.


I am not a Doctor, nor do I pretend to be.  I’m a skin care obsessed housewife who loves to look her age appropriate most fabulous! Please seek out a Physician for more information regarding Botox and where to find a board certified MD.



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