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Best Face Mask 2017- Review-Peel off Mask Amazing Korean Black Suction Mask

This painful I mean peeling mask gets my award for best mask of 2017!  

It may be the most painful mask I have ever done and I have done some painful things in the name of beauty,  but the benefits of this mask outweigh the ouch factor. The black suction mask is quick and to the point and does exactly what it promises as long as you follow the directions.  WARNING though…I do not advise using this mask if you have sensitive or older thinner skin,  as it does remove a few layers and anything else that it happens to stick too.

Toullgo Suction Black Mask

First,  Pull your hair back!  If any hair gets stuck in this mask say goodbye to it!   Wash and clean your face with hot water to clean and open your pores and get all the day’s grime off.  Then VERY CAREFULLY TO AVOID EYE BROWS ( I hope I don’t have to explain that one to you) apply the very sticky mask to your face.  I digress  to the first time I did this,  I applied to my entire face…OUCH.  I learned from experience.  This is overkill and not necessary and brutal to remove.  My advice is  only apply to T-Zone or where you have black or whiteheads.

T-zone only!
Application of Toullgo Mask

Next,  was a matter of trial and error on my part.  The product directions say to leave the mask on for 30 minutes.  Holy Smokes,  If you did that you may need a trip to the ER.  I only suggest leaving it on for 10 minutes at most.  You can tell when the mask is done curing  when it gets shiny or glassy as in the above pic.   You then get the medieval torture device they give to you as “free gift”  calling it a “removing tool,”  and use it to pull up a free edge of the mask. (see below pic)  Then arduously begin the process of peeling it off.  I’m a tad sick and love to do these things.  I find a sick satisfaction in seeing all the gross stuff coming out of my pores.  I find this mask  very similar to the biore strips of the past but on steroids.

toullgo removal tool
torture device
toullgo mask review
YES those are tears!
Look really closely! Those pin sized white things? YEP Those were in my pores… GROSS!

Finally when the majority of the painful peeling is done, take a warm washcloth to your face and the remnants wash right off to reveal shiny open clean pores.  Follow up with a serum.  I don’t put on anything thick or gunky for awhile,  I like to let everything “breathe” for awhile, but that is a personal preference.

After Pic-Unfiltered Zero makeup
After Black “Toullgo” Peel Mask NO Filter

I hope I haven’t scared you away from this mask.  Even though this mask is not for the faint of heart it does do everything it promises to do!  If you choose to try this,  I would love to hear from you!

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