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Best Dressed Mamas at the Met Gala Best and Worst Dressed Mommies at the Met Gala!

Best Dressed Mamas at the Met Gala

The biggest fashion event of the year the annual Met Gala was last night and every Hollywood celeb was dripping in opulence.  The theme for this year’s Met Gala was Heavenly Bodies; Fashion and The Catholic Imagination… If you happen to be Catholic and your let your imagination run wild, you are envisioning grand papal tiaras, plumes of the finest scarlet silk and 24 karat gold baubles and colorful gemstones fastened to anything that will sit still long enough.

That was certainly the case at the Met Gala last night.  From giant angel wings to Joan of Arc look-alikes,” there were homages paid to almost every Catholic figure in history.  And the “mom’s” certainly did not disappoint.

Best Dressed Mama

My vote for best dressed is a tie…I’m torn between Amal Clooney and Blake Lively.

Amal Clooney I’m totally in love with Amal’s pant outfit and that beautiful rose printed train-  There are no words.

Best Dressed Mamas at the Met Gala

 Blake Lively-  The Ruby Red color is stunning against her complexion and the beading on that dress OMBEDAZZLING!  Best Dressed Mamas at the Met Gala


Most Eccentric Mamas at the Met

Most Eccentric Mama definitely goes to Sara Jessica Parker, without a doubt.  That headpiece #migrane .  I tell my daughter’s, “beauty is pain,”  but that’s taking it to a new level!  Hat’s off Sarah! (pun intended)

Best Dressed Mamas at the Met Gala

Best Maternal Mama Fashion at the Met

Cardi B –  All I know is at the end of my pregnancies the most I could handle putting on was mascara, stretchy pants, and flip-flops.  So I have a new found appreciation of the Rap Star.

Best Dressed Mamas at the Met Gala

Worst Dressed Mama at the Met

Just because you slap a cross on a high fashion designer dress, doesn’t make it ethereal Jenn and KK.  I’m sorry,  try harder next time.  The hair was also a no go for me for both women.  It’s the Met Gala,  bring your A-Game ladies.  Best Dressed Mamas at the Met Gala Best Dressed Mamas at the Met Gala

Most Authentic “Heavenly Body” Theme
Lynda Carter-  Lynda Carter wore a legit Crown with a Star of David and Hebrew inscribed in the crown.  Not to mention the actress born in 1951 looked stunning on the red carpet against her much younger counterparts. Best Dressed Mamas at the Met Gala 

Which celeb mama did you think ruled the red carpet?  I’d love to know in comments!

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