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Beauty Product Review- “Pearlessence Radiance Serum” Does it Really Perfect Your Skin?


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Beauty Product Review- “Pearlessence Radiance Serum”

Today In “Beauty Product Reviews” I’m sharing with you my love for serums.  I love serums because they aren’t too heavy, they don’t make me break out, and they pull double duty and can be used as a primer also! I recently came across a new one and decided to try it out- “Pearlessence Radience Serum.” 

The Review

This  Pearlessence SerumI picked up recently does an awesome job of moisturizer my bipolar face.  My T-zone has the tendency to be ridiculously greasy and the rest of my face would dry out like the Sahara! 

I chose this particular serum because It contains Hydraulic Acid which is known for hydration and plumping abilities.  The Vitamin C is an extra treat for my skin,  promising to brighten my face!
Pearlessence Radiance Serum beauty product review

I used the pearlessence serum a.m and p.m.  If if I need extra hydration like I do in this brutal winter, I add  layer of oil free moisturizer over the serum. I wash my face and then wash it again,  Yes I know obsessive but that’s me!  Next,  I apply the serum on my damp skin.   The hyaluronic acid will lock in that water and help to make skin look tighter and plumper.   I use about 1/4 dropper for my entire face and let it air dry.  I love the dewy look this serum leaves, especially on Make-up free days!

"Pearlessence Radiance Serum"Pearlessence Radiance Serum




Here is a link to Pearlessence Serum and some of their other products! 


My skin-care routine has now been upgraded to the Korean “Skins.” I’m currently up to 5 “skins” or layers.   It’s not as arduous as it seems.  If I do it quickly it takes all of 10 minutes.  The Pearlessence Radience Essence has now earned a spot in my “skins” routine.  I did see a major improvement in my skin texture and a little bit of lightening in my melasma and dark spots.  Giving this particular serum two manicured thumbs up!

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