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Beauty Product Review- “Pearlessence Radiance Serum” Does it Really Perfect Your Skin?

Beauty Product Review- “Pearlessence Radiance Serum”

Today In “Beauty Product Reviews” I’m sharing with you my love for serums.  Seriously folks if I could bathe in serums I would.  I’m up to 8 steps in my K-beauty routine now, and my skin has never looked or felt better (yes I know I have a problem, but it’s a good problem to have.)

But serum’s are the bee’s knee’s ladies and gents. I could give you reasons for days but I’ll keep it to three

  1. They aren’t heavy or greasy
  2. Zero Breakout’s with serums verus creams or lotions
  3. They are multitaskers and can pull double duty as a primer

I recently came across a new one and decided to try it out ;

the  “Pearlessence Radience Serum.” 

The Review

Let me preface by saying my facd is “bipolar” at it’s best.   My T-zone has the tendency to be ridiculously greasy prone to acne that I like to pick at and the rest of my face would dries out like the Sahara! So serums are always the way to go for me.

I chose this particular serum because It contains Hydraulic Acid which is famous for hydration and plumping abilities.  The Vitamin C is an extra treat for my skin,  promising to brighten my face! 
Pearlessence Radiance Serum beauty product review

I used the pearlessence serum a.m and p.m for two weeks.   If  I need extra hydration like I do in this brutal winter, I add  layer of oil free moisturizer over the serum. I have a three step cleansing process (thank you Kbeauty)  Next,  I apply the serum on my damp skin.   I love the texture of serums, It’s similar to other serums on the market, this one though having a milkier color and a bit more viscosity.

The hyaluronic acid promises to lock in that water and help to make skin look tighter and plumper.   I use about 1/4 dropper for my entire face and let it air dry.  I love the dewy look this serum leaves, especially on Make-up free days.  For added efficacy you can use a micro-needler.  I use mine when I remember to, which is not as often as I should.

The Results

"Pearlessence Radiance Serum"Pearlessence Radiance Serum




Here is a link to Pearlessence Serum and some of their other products! 



My skin-care routine has now been upgraded to the Korean “Skins.” I’m currently up to 8 “skins” or layers.   It’s not as arduous as it seems.  If I do it quickly it takes all of 10 minutes.  The Pearlessence Radience Essence has now earned a spot in my “skins” routine.  I did see a major improvement in my skin texture and a little bit of lightening in my pregnancy melasma and dark spots.  Giving this particular serum two manicured thumbs up!

UPDATE September 21, 2018

I have been using this particular serum for about 8 months now religiously with about a million other products. It is still in my top three of products that I regularly include in my nightly routine.  I do see an improvement in my skin.  I would love to attribute it to the use of this product alone, I do think it’s a fabulous product but, I am obsessive about skin care.  So I’m sure it’s a combination of all of my products including this “Pearlessence Sin Perfecting Serum.”

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