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Barnyard Birthday Party! Farm Themed Party on a Budget!


I calculated the amount of birthdays parties I have thrown with four kids, FIFTY FLIPPIN FOUR!  Needless to say, I’m running out of ideas and starting to reach a bit.  So, when my “little’s” birthday rolled around I decided to throw her a surprise “Barnyard Birthday Party,” a farm themed party complete with a petting zoo which btw,  ended up not being a surprise.

My inner Martha always seems to creep out when birthday parties come around.  Problem is though,  I’m not the slightest bit crafty and I tend to procrastinate (the perfect storm)  So inevitably, I end up “pinteresting” the crap out of it and “shortcuting” every chance I get in a “hail mary play.”

The party ended up being a hit especially the favors and the petting zoo!

Here is what I ended up doing and It ran me about $400 for about 20 people and one day prep time.  The budget buster was the petting zoo, but for the money, I think I got good bang for my buck.  I’ll break it down for you in a bit.  The rest I bought at wally world (Walmart) and dollar tree. I did reuse baskets, buckets and some other containers I had laying around the house.

I had a snack table and a favor table and didn’t need any games hallelujah! The animals and pony rides were all the entertainment we needed.  It ended up being one of the easiest parties I’ve ever thrown! The kiddos had a blast!  I did buy some face paint on my favorite online shopping site, but ended up forgetting about it until we were opening gifts.Barnyard Birthday party Barnyard Birthday Barnyard Birthday Party! Barnyard Birthday Party

Barnyard Birthday Party





My daughter made the cow cupcake cake (super easy) and we served sandwiches and snacks since it was a 2-4pm party.

Dollar Tree-

  • Table clothes x4
  •  Spool of Green Ribbon X1
  •   Plastic Farm Animals-table decorations/favors
  • Twizzlers


  • Carrot bubbles $14
  • Plush farm babies $12
  • Face Paint kit-returned $14
  • Ducks $9

Wally World-Rice Crispys-

  • Marshmallows
  • Cookies-Bread-Lunchmeat-cheese-Bread
  • Animal Crackers

Petting Zoo-

These are EP Prices which tend to be lower than rest of the nation-

$280 for 2 hours of 2 ponies a snake, 4 pigs, 2 ducks, 2 chickens, 2 rabbits and a partridge in a pear tree.

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