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Fun & Easy Halloween TreatThis simple Halloween treat “Ghostly Graveyeards” is one of my favorites because it is fun and easy!  With no more than four ingredients and taking less than 5 minutes to assemble, minus the time you subtract from trying to fight off your 8-year-old from eating your supplies.  This is the perfect Halloween treat for a school party or just an afternoon at home.

Ingredients you’ll need for your Ghostly Graveyard;

Reeses Ghosts or Peep Ghosts- Either will do
Chocolate Pudding Cups
Oreos for the cemetery dirt
Marshmallow pumpkins for embellishment

Fun & Easy Halloween Treat

Gather your four ingredients and a helper. Funny isn’t it how they magically seem to appear when the smell of Halloween candy enters the air, yet disappear when homework or chores come around…hmmm?

Also, MESS WARNING!- you maybe want to set out a mat or paper towel because crushed Oreos tend to make a bit of a mess, but if your little is anything like mine, they will be all too eager to lick up the crumbs.  Zero points for sanitation over here, ) no worries these were for family consumption only) Here are the super simple six steps to making the ghostly graveyards!

Fun and Easy Halloween Treat

fun and easy halloween treat

Look at how adorable these Ghostly Graveyards turned out!…Fun and Easy Halloween Treat

I will be doing two more halloween treats this weekend.  Simply complicated style of course, meaning 5 minutes or less. So check back next week for the posts or follow me on facebook so you don’t miss a thing HERE>>>

Thrift Store Loot

Happy Thrift Thursday Everyone!  For this weeks thrift store excursion I hit up my local Savers, again on a “hail mary” play. ( I really need to learn to manage my time better, oh well)  I know I promised to mix it up this week, but time just wasn’t on my side.  So I ran into Savers with twenty minutes to spare after spending way too much time debating whether or not to run up to my local Uptown Cheapskate.  The joys of being analytical.

Once inside Savers,  I made a beeline for the bowls…shocker! And immediately found these two gems.  How they were untouched on a Wednesday afternoon, I have no idea but I quickly snagged them.  Thrift Store Loot

I then made my way over to the kids’ section, just really avoiding the endless racks of adult clothing.  I instantly spotted this brand new black puffer vest with the tags still on it for $5.99…Score! Thrift Store Loot


Out of time and rushing to the cashiers, I hurriedly went passed a rack of shirts, and of course, my “perif” in hyperdrive in a store like this is always programmed for my two favorite things…1) animal print and 2) camo.  Guess what, a lightweight camo print popped out like a gift from the thrift Gods, screaming buy me! It is a “Lovesick London,” lightweight drawstring jacket that will look precious on me or my girls over a white tee with jeans! Double accidental score today!  (I’m going to post a pic today of the jacket on Instagram HERE a bit later)

Here is yesterday’s thrift store loot breakdown…

Lovesick of London jacket Retail Value $48 I paid $6.99
Circo Puffer Jacket NEW – Retail Value $25 I paid $5.99
1 Large lead crystal bowl Retail Value $30 I paid $5.99
1 Small lead crystal bowl Retail Value $10 I paid $2.99

Total Retail Value $112 I paid $21!


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Spooktacular Non-Candy Trick O’ Treat Deals

This morning’s Amazons Daily Deals flashed across my email and I had to post it.  It’s not too often a great non-candy alternative Trick o’ Treat Deal pops up!  I hadn’t posted daily deals in a while, personally thinking that Amazon had gotten a little too bizarre with their choices of sale items.  But glow items for kiddos on Halloween is something we all use and all love, and the kids go crazy over, and don’t forget a great candy alternative!

300 Glow Sticks for $15.99! 
12 pack of Light Up Glasses for $19.99
Combo Bug and Glow Stick Pack $14.99
100 LED Rings $14.99! 
200 Glow Sticks $11.99
36 Big Party Rings $15.99
Assorted Bulk Pack Glow Party Favor 140 count $14.99

Trick O Treat Deals Trick O Treat Deals Trick O Treat Deals Trick O Treat DealsTrick O Treat Deals Trick O Treat Deals

Here are a few other non-candy Halloween deals I found while perusing this morning…

80 Pack of Playdoh !

6 dozen bouncy balls

36 Bendy Skeletons

96 Spooky Stamps

500 Not So Scary Stickers

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Feng Shui 101

No, I did not Ambien order another Rosetta Stone language in the middle of the night.  I am talking about Feng Shui pronounced “Fung Shway. ”  Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese form of energy balancing.  The actual word Feng Shui directly translated to English is wind/water, two opposite energy forces.   The practice of feng shui is the harmonizing of the earth’s energy forces with human energy forces “qi” pronounced chee for the purpose of achieving optimal harmony and balance or good luck, some believe.

Does all that sound like expensive millennial gibberish to you? Well it’s not,  evidence of Feng Shui has been found and dated as far back as 4000 b.c. Ancient Chinese buildings were found with Chinese Star Maps on their doors that correlate with Feng Shui beliefs.  I personally believe that If something has been around for that long and is still going strong there has to be validity to the ancient practice.

Still thinking Feng Shui is a little too “new age” or expensive for you to incorporate into your life?  Well, think again! I’ve slowly and very inexpensively rearranged the “qi” in my house over the last couple of years.  And before you ask, no my home is not cluttered with mystical do-dads on every surface.  With the exception of my beautiful  “juju kitty” who waves at me every morning from my desk.  While ushering in the good “juju.”  Which I will be getting into a little bit later in my list of Simple ways to Feng Shui your Home!

7 Simple Ways to Feng Shui Your Home

Start at your front door

Your front door is the main gateway for letting energy or “qi” into your home.  Therefore your door needs to be welcoming, clean, cleared of clutter and balanced.  Feng Shui also dictates that it should be facing the right direction, but in most cases, unless you are a die-hard “feng shui-r” and building your home you really have no control over that, so we’re going to gloss over those principals of feng shui.

  • Door Color – An easily doable project in a weekend. For whatever direction that your door is facing there is a corresponding color group.  If you don’t know your direction just grab your phone’s compass app and figure it out.  It is as follows;
The Feng Shui element for East is wood so use an Earthtone color such as browns, greens, or wood tones.
Southern Facing doors are  the Fire Element– Reds, yellows, oranges, pinks, or any colors in those families
The element associated with West facing doors is Metal, therefore “west” can use white, silvers, grays or any metallic colors
North Facing doors coincide with the Water Element–  The blues and greens, and black.
There are other great “in-between” directional paint combinations you can find HERE
  • Eight Gold Stones- I have 8 river rocks balanced on the right side of the door.  I simply spray painted eight river rocks and stacked them from largest to small.  This invites prosperity into your home.  It also leads to some fun conversation!

    feng shui
    Diy Gold Stones for Your Front Door

Find Your Home’s Different Energy Areas

There are two Feng Shui methods to mapping your home, which is important when finding the different “areas” of your home.  Areas that are associated with different things such as money, family, happiness, sex and so forth.  If I went into full detail about mapping both the old school compass directional way and the newer BTB version (energy mapping from the location of the front door) this post would be endless, so I will spare you. I will mention some great Feng Shui resources at the end of this post if you should want more information.  I am telling you this because it is important you located different areas for different purposes.

For example… My homes “center” where I focus my happiness on and put my “lemons” in to attract positive energy (scroll down) is my kitchen. It is literally in the geographical center of the house, so that made it easy for me.  That is where we spend our most time and gather to eat and laugh.  You can find a mapping guide here.

Money and Prosperity

I consider my office to be my money or prosperity feng shui area.  This is where I focus my feng shui efforts in balancing my qi for optimal balance and harmony.  Ways to do so are;

  • A wealth bowl is exactly what it implies.  A bowl signifying and inviting wealth.  It is meant to be auspicious and kept in the open.  Fill your wealth bowl with whatever symbol of wealth you so choose.  Below is a picture of my wealth bowl I keep in the money area of my house, my office.  Mine is full of traditional Chinese symbols of wealth.  Gold ingots, Chinese Coins I recently received as a gift, a laughing Buddha, jade pieces, gold stones, a turtle, and my “juju kitty.”  What do they mean? I knew you were going to ask!…
Laughing Buddha- Brings Happiness, that’s why he is laughing, he is also guarding your wealth
Gold Ingots & Chinese Coins- Represent Wealth, You can also use gems
Jade stones-represents serenity and balance
Turtles- In Feng Shui are very auspicious and represent wealth
Lucky Cat- In my case “juju kitty” are called Maneki Neko, means “beckoning cat” in Japanese they wave in good luck!
feng shui 101
My Personal Wealth Bowl that sits on my work desk, full of ingots, coins, gold stones (not real of course) laughing Buddha, and Juju Kitty!
  • Money Tree-Any type of plant can be used to attract good energy.  The most common is the type you see below in the photo.  I have the traditional Pachira tree, another very common type is the Jade plant, a succulent used to represent wealth.  Money trees or plants need to be placed in the money, wealth, or prosperity area of the home, never in a bathroom.  I also have plants in my homes center the kitchen.

    feng shui
    My Money Tree that sits on my desk

“Mirror, Mirror On the Wall”

This is going to sound crazy, and If you didn’t think I was cuckoo before you just might now.  Before I did this one simple rearrangement in my home, there was a lot of tension and bickering.  The second I switched some things namely mirrors on the walls.  I could literally feel the tension evaporate.  The most optimal place for mirrors is right above fireplaces, their calming energy balances the firey energy of the fireplaces. Another prime spot for mirrors is by your entryway but not directly facing the entryway.  Yes, I know it can be tricky don’t let it overwhelm you…baby feng steps!

There are many other factors that go into fireplaces as well as other elements that can have impacts on the qi in your house. Such as shape, direction, and lighting.  To read more on fireplaces and the impact they can have on the energy in your home check out this article with tons of information on fireplaces and mirrors in your home! 

“If Life Gives you Lemons…Put them In a Bowl!”

If you are a follower of The Housewives of Orange County you know exactly what I am talking about.  Shannon Beador and her lemons in a bowl.  I got quite a kick out of that episode knowing I had the exact bowl sitting on my kitchen counter.  All the time wondering if I looked as bizarre as she trying to explain the number and significance of the lemons to her family?

feng shui

Fruit has always played a significant role in feng shui.  From being esthetically pleasing to the qi around you, while also drawing it into the home.  The varying amounts of fruit and types needed to be taken into account to bring forth that qi.  There are several different theories about this.  I’ve seen and read some sites say 7 oranges or lemons, and some sites the magic number is nine.  Some feng shui pro’s even mentioned pomegranates and other different fruits. My number happens to be seven.  So seven lemons in a bowl it is!  And an extra added bonus, a lemon centerpiece never goes out of season!

Bathroom Feng Shui

Yes, I said it, “potty room feng shui,” there is such a thing.  From toilet, placement to paint color, plants, candles and lighting toilet room feng shui is endless and complicated. So I will give you just one very important one tip and move on…Keep the toilet seat down and the bathroom door closed.  The reasoning behind this is energy enters and leaves the home thru any opening, including toilets. And it is common sense that toilets have nasty energy so put two and two together bad energy=bad qi.  Keep the lid down, and the door closed.  To read more on Bathroom Feng Shui Check out this awesome article by The Spruce. 

Those seven simple tips for achieving harmony are just the tip of the feng shui iceberg.  The basic principals of feng shui for bringing harmony and balance into one’s house and life are easy, get rid of clutter and simplify your life.  Even without feng shui teachings, just those two acts would surely invite the changes into your life that you are looking for.  If you would like to read more about feng shui here are a few resources for you;

Feng Shui Basics –
Feng Shui for Dummies – (Easy to Follow Tips) 

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Friday Freebies – Woot Woot!

Hello Folks TGIF and who doesn’t like freebies?  I updated the list and found a free 8 X 10 photo for you and free Wingstop!  (scroll down for the info!) Have a great and free weekend!

The National Parks

The National Parks are doing this cool @Everykidinapark event  If you are a family with a 4th grader you can gain access to a National park for an entire year.  Click HERE for the details! 



Free Wendy’s Food! 

For a limited time download the free Wendy’s App and receive a coupon for according to their site;
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Friday Freebies


Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme is offering a FREE Donut when you download their App and become a member of their “Sweet and Simple rewards ” PS.  Their Pumpkin Spice donuts are back! 

Friday Freebies


Dairy Queen

When you download the Dairy Queen App You get a promo for a FREE SMALL BLIZZARD …PS It’s Pumpkin Pie Blizzard Time, The best time of the Year if you ask me!

Friday Freebies


According to their site;

“Who doesn’t love a reward? For starters, enjoy a free Medium Slush or Drink when you download the app!**”

Friday Freebies

Raising Canes

Get a FREE Box Combo just for signing up for their ” Rewards Cainiac Club!” HERE

Friday Freebies


This is a double Freebie…When I was there last week, I noticed on our receipt that if I filled out a survey I would receive a code for a future FREE Whataburger with purchase of Fries and Drink Woot Woot.  Also When looking for graphics for this post this morning I came across this on their site (below) They are launching an app, download it here and you can earn rewards for free Grub! 

Online ordering at Whataburger will let you customize and save your favorite orders – not to mention save you time.

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Baskin Robbins

According to the Baskin Robbins website

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Friday Freebies


When you sign up to Wingstop’s Reward club you will receive a coupon for a FREE order of fries just for signing up and on your Birthday a surprise will show up in your email. Woot woot, who doesn’t like email freebies?



Say Cheese!

Free 8 X 10 Photo Enlargement thru October 13th!  That would make an awesome Christmas gift for Grandma or Grandpa!

According to their site;

FREE 8×10 Enlargement

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Check in every Friday for New Friday Freebies!…and check out more Deals HERE! 

Thrifty Thursday

If you read yesterday’s post you know it’s been a crazy couple of weeks.  So when I frantically realized at about noon today that tomorrow was Thursday, namely “Thrifty Thursday,” I jumped in the car and headed over to my local Saver’s.  I hit Saver’s again for two reasons; One, it was on my way to my kiddos school and two,  I am still feeling a bit of nostalgic loyalty after my quick education and wonderful hospitality I received there on Monday.

To sum up a long story and to avoid being repetitive, here is the short version… I was doing some volunteering and needed donations.  Savers reached out to me. Having done volunteer work in the past, I know all too well how hard it is sometimes to secure donations.  The mountains of paperwork and time it takes to get $50 out of a corporation.  So when they contacted me, offering a quick, easy and sizable donation I lept at the offer.  Upon arriving at the store I was offered a tour of their operation.  I had no idea the scope of the Saver’s “machine.” I was witness to the back of the store “machine” that was run by employees, sifting thru clothing and goods. I was also educated about their local charitable efforts.

Because of all of these reasons, Savers was my go to again for Thrifty Thursday.  I will mix it up next week, and venture to another part of town or maybe an estate sale. I like to live on the wild side of thrifting 😉 thrifty thursday

Brand New UA and Children’s Place Clothing

This week was a small but good score at Savers.  The recent change in weather in my neck of the woods warranted a new sweater for the little and the middles always need new sweatshirts.  I found two brand new, with the tags still on sweaters for my girls.  One is an Under Armour crop sweatshirt and one is the sweetest Children’s Place embroidered hooded sweater.  Here’s the breakdown;

Children’s Place Sweater Retail $23 I paid $8.99
Under Armour Crop Sweatshirt Retail $45 I paid $4.99
That’s $68 worth of Retail for $15 Not my greatest but definitely not bad!


thrifty thursday
Brand New UA!
Thrifty Thursday
Cutest Model Ever, with a Wicked Smile 😉

What has been your latest and greatest thrift store find?

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Mental Illness Awareness Week

This post was originally meant to be a “quicky” post.  I wanted to explain to my 5 readers why I’ve been mia for the last few days and apologize for my absence.  After realizing it was  Mental Health Awareness Week and receiving several well-placed signs from the universe, I came to the conclusion, 100 words in haste weren’t going to cut it.

If you have been with me since the beginning of Simply Complicated you know that what prompted its creation was my need to share my battle with anxiety  (Here’s my story if you missed it)  with the hopes that other women would feel more comfortable talking about it openly, and wouldn’t feel so pressured to be so perfect.  Perfect fitting in the mother, wife and other boxes we find ourselves trying to squeeze into.

My Insane Week (no pun intended)

It all started when I was typing away one-morning last week and was listening to my regular morning show.  I happened to zone in on a segment on Breast Cancer. The radio station was holding a bra drive to raise awareness for Breast Cancer.  I thought to myself,  “Easy peasy…I have about 15 bras upstairs I don’t use,  I’ll go drop them off,” and back to typing, I went.  A few hours passed, and my head spinning started,  (sometimes being a little neurosis can work to your advantage) I went into bra hyperdrive.  I posted the info on FB and sent a message to all of my “sisters” spreading the word and offering to pick up bras.  For the normal person that would be enough, for the anxiety-ridden person who is deathly afraid of failure, my mind started racing…  How could I get more bras?

Social Media to the rescue! My friends started to repost the original post and it slowly picked up steam.   A friend from my past volunteer days who saw the post, who coincidentally runs her own charitable organization Shine On El Paso contacted me wanting to help spread the word.

Fast forward to Tuesday…In one week,  I was able to network, secure donations,  fill my car to the brim with bras for Breast Cancer Awareness, meet some amazing people, take a tour of Saver’s ( a thrifter’s dream (fyi an amazing charitable organization) and finally meet another great lady who thanked me for speaking about anxiety-something she also battles.  You see, this incredible chain of events could not have happened without me originally going thru my battle with anxiety and depression.  It led me to this exact point in my life right now, aware that I am perfectly imperfect. Aware of my triggers and imperfections and all of this happening during the one week it just happens to be National Mental Illness Awareness Week?  Do you believe in coincidence…I do not.  National Mental Illness Awareness Week

Awareness of my triggers allows me the knowledge that even though I am capable of writing every day, caring for a husband, kids, and volunteering to run around town like a crazy lady with a trunk full of underwear, is probably not so great for me.  I know I should prioritize sometimes and try to put into practice.  I don’t always catch the signs but I’m getting better at it.

So writing had to take a back burner for a few days and I’m ok with that.  I have sweet and wonderful women and sister friends letting me know they too battle anxiety and other issues.  The fact that they trust me to tell me that tells me I’m doing something right.

Simply Complicated Mom is doing exactly what it was originally intended to do..Help women embrace their complicated lives, be ok with the fact we don’t fit into perfectly square boxes and help women simplify their lives.

Have you battled anxiety or tried to simplify your life lately?  I’d love to hear your story, email me @ or leave me a comment!

National Mental Illness Awareness Week


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Thrifty Thursday~ My Thrift Store Score this Week!

I really wasn’t in the shopping mood this week, weird right?  That didn’t even feel right as I typed it out.  So this week’s thrift store shopping trip was a last minute lucy trip running into Savers just “to see,” what I could find in the half hour I had to spare.

But first, let me set the scene… yours truly super cranky (lack of sleep, bad lunch, basically because the sky was blue yesterday)  There were way too many people in savers, so moody me decided immediately that I was not going to deal with racks of clothing so I headed over to housewares.

After staring at an odd fellow for a good ten minutes, trying to figure out a plausible story for his scenario without success, ( I’ll circle back to that in a sec) I started to browse.

Antique Indian Silver & B W Buelinum

It’s a little-known secret- I love little bowls.  Any tiny bowl really, salsa bowls, soup bowls, candy dishes.  My house is full of them.  I use them for everything, jewelry stations, key holders, ponytails, etc.  There are bowls with crap in them everywhere in my house.  None of them match, all of them are eclectic and beautiful and it works. I decided I needed more bowls (like I need a bullet) but  I immediately spied two very ornate silver bowls.  They were priced at $3 each.  I flipped them over, no stamp…oh well, they were still cute and at only $3, sold!  On my way out I also grabbed a BW Buelinum what I thought was silver but came to find out after researching, a hammered aluminum.

Here are the bowls I purchased yesterday.

Thrift Store
Look Closely at all of the Tiny Animals, My daughters and I counted six last night can you find them? (Yes I know It’s tarnished, I will get around to cleaning it 😉 
Thrift Store
This is the B W Buenilum- I love the handle, and can you see the delicate hammering?


After spending too much time researching retail prices only to discover there really isn’t an exact price on any of these because the BW is an antique possibly in the $15-$20 range. And the other two small “animal bowls” I cannot vouch to their authenticity because I am not a professional, I’m going to leave that part of today’s post out.  Sometime’s folks you just thrift for the fun of the find! I don’t plan on selling these, I just like to look at them when I pass by and they make me smile.  Hopefully, one day when my kiddos get my “do-dads” they will do the same for them (or end up back at savers!)

My purchase update

If you have no idea what I’m talking about you can catch up HERE.

“She” finally got here…Here she is, I’ve named her “Ginger” for obvious reasons! The photo doesn’t do her justice, Ginger is hanging in my office.  I will probably have her matted and reframed at some point because I like where I have her, but she isn’t large enough, and I don’t love the frame.  What do you think?  $17 well spent!

Thrift Store
Meet Ginger (and Maria) 

Circling back to the random fellow- I often look at peculiar situations or people and try to fit a person in a scenario, kind of like writing a short story.  I have a vivid imagination, some stories get a little crazy.  But I could not for the life of me figure out a “story” for this man that was dressed in a suit and tie, at savers, with a cart, filling it as quickly as he could with yeti style coffee cups with lids. Does anyone have a scenario for that? Am I the only one that makes up fictional stories?

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