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Amazon’s New Clothing Line~ Plumberry A Clothing Review

Amazon’s New Clothing Line Plumberry

If you haven’t noticed Amazon is taking over the world, no really.  People everywhere are smacking themselves for not buying Amazon stock a decade ago, but it is what it is.  One of their latest “take-overs” Oh I meant ventures 😉 is in the clothing industry.  If your a regular “wine & primer” you have noticed an influx of Amazon “our brands” in almost every category.  This includes fashion, and I must admit their selection while slim ( at the time of publication amazon only had 77 plumberry clothing items available for women.)  The women’s Plumberry clothing selections are adorable and trendy.  Here are a few examples of Plumberry…


When first “wining & priming” I was pleasantly surprised to find that plumberry was affordably priced, blouses starting at $12.99.  I was hesitant, because even the most experienced “primer” has been burned by “great deals.”  Deals that are delivered  small enough for your toddler or fabric so thin you wonder if they mistook you for a “Cinnamon or Diamond.”

I decided to give it a go and order a Plumberry item.   What did I have to lose, Amazon has a great return policy and of the countless things I have returned over the years I have yet to have a problem (knock on wood.) I chose the Women’s Popover Off the ShouldRomper as seen here…

Amazon's New Clothing Brand Plumberry~A clothing reviewI read the reviews and after going off several other women’s advice and their size chart AND knowing I’m vertically challenged with a wonky torso, I went with the Medium.  In the hopes of by the time it got here I would be five pounds lighter.  This is what I got…Amazon's New Clothing Brand Plumberry~A clothing review

The Plumberry Verdict

Finally a romper that didn’t make me look like a oompa loompa!   The fabric was thicker than I had hoped for, the pom pom detail on the shorts were adorable and my “wonky” torso didn’t look so wonky.  The inseam could have been one inch shorter, but at 5’3″ all of my clothes could stand to be taken up.

Since writing this I have washed the romper twice, in the machine and dried in a dryer (yes control your gasps) and it is as good as new! I am happy with Plumberry and will be ordering from Amazon again!

Have you ordered Plumberry from Amazon?  What we’re your thoughts? Shoot me an email

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