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Tuesday’s Thoughts Amazon's Huge Fail, Tons of Deals & Diet Update!

Tuesday’s Thoughts

We’ll we all survived “Prime-gate 2018! Who would have guessed that on the biggest shopping day of the year for them with a projected $3.4 billion dollars in sales this year their site would crash?!  I’m just a lay person but you would think knowing the projected traffic they couldn’t have for seen any problems? But none the less, it was quite entertaining on twitter yesterday…


Instead of listing the “gazillion” items for sale on this post, It’s easier for you guys to follow me HERE as I list them during the day.  FYI act quick most deals have a 15 minute time span.

On the Home Front

This weekend was a doozie,  my first-born moved out!  A good friend said it perfectly, “the time working up to the move is the worst.”  She was right.  Not to say, I wasn’t a wreck while packing him up, because I had to take “closet breaks” where I went to hide and cry, but once he left I was sad but it was bearable.  It’s a weird thing that happens when one child leaves, you don’t think it’s a lot but the entire dynamic changes according to the type of personality that left.  And you find yourself missing the little things, like I would know he was home at night by listening for the ice-maker and I don’t hear that anymore. The little things that “bugged” you before now you find endearing,  It’s bizarre.

Needless to say my diet is going superb (insert sarcasm) I haven’t lost any more but I haven’t gained so I guess that’s good.  I knew I was going to have a hard time NOT eating my feelings so I upped my workouts.  I began swimming in addition to sweat sessions with my gal Jillian.  I had forgotten how hard swimming is! My swim cap off to you Michael Phelps!  I started with 20 laps and after 10 I couldn’t have saved a kitten from drowning, I was so out of breath! But,  I’m now up to 30 and my kids join me (I make them) every day so that’s nice 😉 I’m getting back on track with my diet I’m hoping by Friday the scale will have budged.  I’ll keep you posted!  Thank you for the sweet emails I have received!

Today’s Deals

Fortunately for us shoppers, other retailers are competing with Amazon for profits and have some really good sales right now! If you have a favorite retailer let me know in comments and I will post sales!


 These deals are only live today for one day only!

25% off beauty & cosmetics – one day only. Valid 7/17.

30% off exclusive home items from Threshold, Project 62, Opalhouse, Fieldcrest & Room Essentials. Tuesday only. Valid 7/17.

20% off Graco car seats, strollers & more + additional 10% off today only. Valid 7/17.

20% off Graco car seats, strollers & more + additional 10% off today only. Valid 7/17.

Pillowfort is 30% off. Tuesday only. Valid 7/17.


Is having their annual Summer Clearance Event with some super cute clothing, home goods and kids accessories! Check them out! 

For today’s Most Recent Amazon’s Prime Day Deals Follow Along on Facebook HERE 

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