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TGIF- Diet Update, Recipes, Daily Deals & More!

Hey peeps! TGIF, what’s on your agenda today?  Not much here, but the beginning of summer vacations around my abode.  It’s so strange when your kids are grown and they start going in different directions.  This isn’t our first separate vacay but you still don’t get used to it, it’s just a weird dynamic. Any who, everyone stay out of this blistering heat today, do something for yourself and have a superb weekend!

Diet Update

Well Good News Bad News, Ill give the good first.  I broke the 140 point and weighed in at 139 yesterday, woohoo.  Then life happened (marriage) and I’m a kind of eat your feelings kind of girl.  If you read yesterday’s post, you’ll get this.  If not, you can catch up HERE.   Yes, I’ve read all the books, but my go to therapist is still my pantry unfortunately.  I was too chicken to jump on the scale this morning after yesterday’s “animal cracker” incident.  I will let you know tomorrow after I starve a little today and Jillian yells at me for awhile 😉

TGIF People!…

TGIF Recipes for your Weekend


Weekend Sales

 Loft.Com  is having a Crazy Good Sale! 50% Off Tops. Offer valid 6/29 at 12am -6/30 at 5pm, below are just three darling examples of tops that are 50% off!!! Act quick! 






Amazon Daily Deals- These are just a few examples of today’s deals, Click HERE for entire selection! KATE SPADE IS ON ZULILY TODAY…enough said!

TGIF-Skinny Cocktail Recipes, Awesome Loft Sale & Friday Fun!

Woohoo it’s Friday,  Week four of summer vaca under my belt.  Just a few more gray hairs to show for it,. Which Btw my daughter felt like pointing out at dinner last night 🙁  Kids are super aren’t they?  Anyway,  Today I have some light summer cocktail recipes for you, and weekend deals to save you some moola,  and a chuckle or two, to start your weekend off with a laugh!…

TGIF~ National Flip Flop Day! Free Smoothies, Deals & More!

TGIF~ Besides Friday the BEST day of the week, it’s also National Flip Flop Day! Who can’t appreciate a good pair of flip flops?…My current fav’s are a pair of croc flip flops (gasp) I know.  Friends who know me, shudder at the thought of me wearing crocs.  But guess what folks,  growing old sucks and not only does your face feel it your feet do too! So in the summer around the house, yep ugly but fabulously comfortable croc flip flops! In honor of National Flip flop day I’m going to show you how to get free smoothies today and bring you some cool deals!  Have a great day and stay cool! 

TGIF! Friday Cocktail Recipes, Weekend Sales & Hilarious GIF!

TGIF my friends,  Check off week one off the calendar DONE! And I survived to tell about it,  although I’m already out of things to do 🙁 Thinking of sneaking up right now, while they are asleep and grabbing all of their tech and hiding it and having a “tech hunt.” Kind of like a easter egg hunt but with their devices, more for my entertainment than theirs,  What do you think?  (Insert evil laugh here)  mama has to get her kicks somehow.

Today I have some cocktail recipes for ya, weekend deals for you, and a HILARIOUS gif that makes me want to be young again (maybe) Here you go…

“Say Something Nice Day!” ~ Daily Deals & TGIF!

Today is “Say Something Nice Day,” isn’t that sweet?  Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we were just a tad bit nicer to each other? I’m constantly telling my kids the proverb “If you don’t have nice to say don’t say anything at all.” – I am my mother….

TGIF~It’s National I <3 Reese’s Day!  Daily Deals and a Funny to Start your Weekend!

TGIF~ It’s National I love Reese’s Day!… You had me at Reese’s. TGIF~It’s National I <3 Reese’s Day, Deals, and a Funny to Start your Weekend! the thought of this day, Bless you and may all your days be filled with peanut butter and chocolate.  Seriously though,  have you ever met anyone that didn’t like Reeses?  That’s the equivalent of someone who doesn’t sing aloud when a Journey song comes on the radio! That being said I have found you the most Reeses’ packed recipe I could find, along with some great deals, and a TGIF “funny” to kick off your weekend!…

TGIF Funny, Deals and Recipes!

TGIF!  Longest Week EVER! 

I’m headed to my daughter’s Mother’s Day Breakfast.  This annual breakfast will consist of tar like coffee, and a tray of  cafeteria food in which our teachers deserve a raise for just having to eat every day during the school year (cringe.)

Anyway on a more “glass half full note” To kick the weekend off I’m gonna share an awesome cocktail recipe with ya’.  I also have a “funny” you can relate too if you have a sib.  And of course your daily deals.  Very random today fyi thanks Amazon! !  Continue reading…

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