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8 Kids Activities for World Kindness Day with a FREE Coloring Page

8 Kids Activities for World Kindness Day

World Kindness Day is today November 13th and with bullying, at an all-time high, I thought I would post activities for our kids to help them recognize World Kindness Day.  I personally find a day to remind ourselves to be kind of silly. Shouldn’t we be kind to one another every day? But maybe there is some necessity to the day with all of the divisiveness and hatred out there these days, especially on social media.  So here are 8 quick and easy (the SCMom Way) kindness activities to help kids recognize World Kindness Day…

Blessing Bags

If you are “thrifty” like me you keep all of those tiny bottles of bathroom goodies when you travel. And they quickly accumulate under your sink, well Blessing Bags are the answer.  Once a year I have my kiddos go thru and bundle bags of shampoo, soap, toothpaste, razors, the bathroom basics.  Then we add a snack and water and a couple of bucks to each bag and we drop off to homeless people.  I prefer to drop the bags off with my kids than take to a shelter because I like my kids to speak and meet people.  It helps them to realize that the homeless are people too and we are no different than they are.  And before anyone fires off hate mail, no I do not do this alone nor I do not put my kids in any danger. This is a great life experience for your nuggets.

8 Kids Activities for World Kindness Day
Putting together our Blessing Bags


Teach your kids to give back to the community at a young age.  Instill this valuable lesson early on and it will be a habit that they will carry on into their adult lives.  Some volunteer ideas for kids can be done at a local library by restacking books on a Saturday for a few hours, cleaning cages at a local animal rescue or serving food at a homeless shelter.  8 Kids Activities for World Kindness Day

Give Thanks

This is a quick, easy and free way for your little to show gratitude, especially useful nearing Thanksgiving.  Have your kiddo create a handmade thank you card for a service person in the military, a fireman/woman/ person on the police force, or anyone that serves our community.  When they are done with their creation take them to present it to the recipient!

8 Kids Activities for World Kindness Day


Sibling Rivalry

If your house is anything like mine there is constant bickering with the kiddos…” mom she lost my shirt,” …”mom, he’s in my room”…” mom, she killed my fish!” (true story) So to quell that for about five minutes have your kiddos write the lunch box notes the night before unbeknownst to all the others.  The next day at lunch they will all get little surprise notes from each other in their lunch boxes!  FYI a word of advice though, you might want to supervise the note writing just in case you catch one of the authors in a particularly bad mood writing hate notes (another true story.)

“An Apple a Day!”

We all know we wouldn’t trade a day in the life of the teachers who deal with our kids every day.  So why wait for Christmas or Teacher Appreciation Day to show them the love? Shower them with appreciation old school with a granny smith and a cute handwritten thank you note by your kiddo “counting the ways” they love their class.  It will make their day of dealing with kids eating buggars and sassing so worth it! 8 Kids Activities for World Kindness Day


Piggy Bank Challenge

This one is a hard one for the littles, but is a good lesson.  Decide on a portion of their piggy bank to donate to a local charity.   I also suggest taking them to donate it themselves to make the lesson more tangible to them.  If they do not have a piggy bank or rather an allowance maybe think about donating that week’s allowance and doing the same, donating to a charity of their choice and taking them with you to “make the drop.”

Make Housecalls

I’m guilty of this myself, underestimating the loneliness of my single older relatives and not going to visit enough.  I know this juju will come back around to me someday, unfortunately.  Grab your kiddo and go visit the senior in your life, if you don’t have one then stop by a senior center with your favorite nail polish to paint a senior’s nails or easy card game like Uno and spend some time there.  They will welcome your visit and enjoy the conversation.  (PS Check with the senior center first regarding visits) 8 Kids Activities for World Kindness Day

Color Kindness

Here is a Free coloring page I put together for you to print out and have your kiddo color and give to whomever their little heart’s desire for World Kindness Day or any other day of the year!! FREE Downloadable #worldkindnessday Coloring page

Do you have any cool kindness activities for kids? I’d love to hear about them in comments, shoot me your thoughts!

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