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5 Minute Glowing Summer Make-Up Routine Summer Make-Up for the Busy Mom

5 Minute Glowing Summer Make-Up Routine for the Busy Mom

When I think of Summer Make-Up,  the words that come to mind are;  light, airy, and bronze.  I want, well more like demand sweat and smear proof products. Yet the products need to be light and airy feeling,  basically the holy grail of routines and products.

If you’ve read my blog you know I can be a bit beauty product obsessed,  And after more than half of my life of doing my own make-up and now teaching my daughters to do make-up I think I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks.  I’ve also come to love a few “multitaskers” that have made my morning Make-up routine easier and quicker that I will show you below.

Summer vs Winter Make-Up

During the winter months I embrace my porcelain white skin and spend the time repairing the damage from the summer sun.  I hyper moisturize and flaunt my  pale tone with shades of pinks, plums and the occasional red.  Once the first blooms of springs have emerge I exfoliate those winter months and up the spf and reach for the self tanner and bronzer.  It’s time for a change and my skin is ready for it!

For my summer look I change up my look by subbing a brown liner for my black.  I also switch out my blush to a peachier tone.  If your not up to such a switch Nars Orgasm will work year around, it’s a cult favorite for a reason.

My all time favorite “go to” favorite product for the summer is bronzer, “never leave home without it!”   If you have a palette you can use a smaller brush with the lightest color to highlight your cheekbones, nose and chin.  Physicians Formula Summer Bronzer Palette are you’re perfect multitasking tool for the summer!

My CC Cream stays the same year around.  During  summer months when the thermostat rises I dilute it with a serum and add a finishing powder over it.  If I’m feeling too “pearly” ( A friend recently called me that, I took it as a compliment)  I’ll pass on the illuminating powder and use a matte powder.

And finally  I go over lids with a bronzy light color from my bronzer pallet then use a darker shade for the crease (depending on how strong my botox is holding on 😉  I always finish with a Blackest of Black Mascara no matter the time of year.


Seasonal Rule of Thumb  Summer/Peach-Warm Tones     Winter/Pink-Cool Tones 

Here is my Summer Make-Up Look Right Now

Shop my Summer Look here…

Foundation- It Cosmetics CC Cream Illuminating- 
Finishing Powder -It Cosmetics Illuminating Finish Airbrush Powder
Bronzer/Blush- Physicians Formula Bronzer Shimmer Strip ( I have used for years!)
Eye Liner- Physicians Formula Natural copper
Mascara- Loreal Lash Paradise-Black
Brows- Loreal Brow Plumper Medium 


My Summer Essentials













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