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4 Fun & Easy Halloween Treats!

4 Fun & Easy Halloween Treats!

If you have been following my blog you know I don’t do any crafts or recipes that involve googling an ingredient, glitter or requiring 15 or more minutes of my patience.  I’m a total believer in working smarter not harder. We have enough on our overfilled plates mamas. But at the same time, I don’t judge, If you want to spend your time hand beading your kids Halloween costume you do you boo, I’ll buy mine at Marshalls and we will survive.

So when the Holiday’s come around I spend about 5 minutes googling easy crafts.  And this year, was no exception.  I found four projects that looked super easy, only required light grocery shopping and wouldn’t destroy my kitchen…did I mention I’m a little of a neat freak? Here ya’ go all four projects from the last week in one place!

Four fun and easy Halloween projects

Spooky Spiders, Ghostly Graveyards, Witch’s Hats, and Witch’s Broomsticks all only required at most five ingredients and ten minutes of my time.  Each project my eight years old mostly did with minor instruction from me, including the mixing of food coloring.  And each fun and easy Halloween treat was exactly that fun and easy with my little one begging the question “mom when are we doing the next one?”  ….to which the standard “later,” was replied.

“Ghostly Graveyards”

The first one we attempted was Ghostly Graveyards only needing four ingredients;
chocolate pudding cups, Oreo cookies, Reese’s ghosts (or peeps ghosts) and pumpkins for embellishments) and here are the directions.  This project could not have been easier and more delish, check out the full post HERE…

“Spooky Spiders”

Spooky spiders were second on our list of fun and easy Halloween treats.  This was my daughter’s favorite treat, I think because of the whimsical edible ending.  They truly ended up looking like spiders!  This fun and easy treat only needed 5 ingredients and took about ten minutes to complete, of course, longer if you were mass producing them for a class or two!  Check out the full instructions HERE>….PS. They eyeballs would have been less messy if a grown up were dotting the eyes, but the o.c.d had to let this one go.

Simple and Fun Halloween Treat

“Witch’s Hats & Broomsticks”

Witch’s Hats & Broomsticks were last on the list to attempt but not least.  They came out too cute for words, especially the hats.  We improvised and made these our own by adding a dollop of green icing, after realizing they needed something to pep them up a bit, don’t you agree?   Plus, the sweet of the icing and the salty of the pretzel made these oh so good to eat!  These would definitely be a crowd pleaser at a sweet Halloween class party or craft for kiddos to make with minimal mess (just premix the icing, or pull a Mari and just buy it pre-colored next time 😉  Check out the full Post HERE…

Cute & Easy Halloween Treat

10-minute Graveyards, Broomsticks, and Spiders were the extent of my Halloween craftiness. Now onto my lazy Thanksgiving crafts!  And I’m ok with that! Work smarter not harder.   You want the kiddos to remember the happy mamma, not the exhausted one!

For more Simply Easy Click HERE…

If you have an easy Turkey or upcoming Holiday Craft to recommend or share I’d love to hear about it in comments!



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