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10 Realistic Resolutions for the New Year

The tradition of annual “Resolutions” began as promises to the gods over 4000 years ago by the ancient Babylonians.  

The Babylonians had great intentions. But unfortunately more often than not resolutions have been reduced to unrealistic, lofty, and forgotten goals we set for ourselves once a year.

But they don’t have to be unattainable dreams we dismiss after a week if we just set our sights on more manageable goals. Smaller goals that don’t immediately set us up for failure that have a greater impact on our lives in the long run. And for that reason, I have compiled 10 Realistic Resolutions for you and your family to get 2019 off to a great start whatever your goals may be.

Whether those goals are spiritual, physical, for your home or for your family there is something for everyone with every type of goal on this list. I hope you enjoy this post and scroll down for your FREE Printable Resolution Checklist!

10 Realistic Resolutions for Your New Year!

If your goal is to;

DON’T set unrealistic goals of cleaning out every closet in your home or having garage sales that never happen.

Instead, start small go out and buy a planner that fits in your purse. I found that I am a tactile girl and work best with an “old school” planner. No matter how many times my husband gripes at me to “put something in my phone,” I never will. But I will write something down in my planner, and that small act of putting pen to paper will imprint the date in my memory. It helps me to keep the kids’ activities, work, and other important dates organized, like cleaning out one closet a month, no more no less.

If your Goal is to …

10 Realistic Resolutions

DON’T tell yourself as a married mother of 3 that you are going to start traveling the world or speaking French. Let’s get real mamas’ we have responsibilities, kids, needy husbands (aka extra kids)

Instead, take a once a monthly or bi-monthly continuing-ed class at your local university or community college. A few years ago I took a photography class at our local University and acquired some new skills that I will always need, met some new people and got out of the house!

If your Goal is to …

DON’T go out and spend buckets of money on January 2nd on a year-long gym membership you are only going to use until February 1st.

Instead, start with a daily walk for a half hour and do a few push-ups.  Take your kiddos or hubby with you, it makes for some great conversations. Crazy how conversations happen when there is no technology 😉

If your Goal is to…

DON’T set out to save the world you won’t and can’t. If you have been reading my blog you know my favorite saying, “I know I can’t change the world but I think I can.”

Instead of trying to be Superwoman and fostering a child, no I am NOT knocking fostering I am just saying keep it real ladies- no hate mail please, volunteer at a local organization. Give a small chunk of your time every month at your local zoo if you love animals. Or maybe PTA if your brave enough 😉

If your Goal is to …

DON’T go out and buy a $300 juicer and a months worth of organic vegetables and proudly and naively announce to your shocked family you are now a vegan household.

Instead, start small with adding a multivitamin to your daily routine. Or maybe start out getting a physical. Many of us are guilty of only getting a yearly mammogram and pap or what I sarcastically refer to as a “squeeze and feel.” But when was the last time you had your cholesterol or hormone levels checked? You could be feeling tired because your Vitamin D levels are low, or your thyroid is off and a simple blood test let you and your doctor know and start you off to a healthier New Year.

This resolution is hard for all of us, especially me, a blogger and social media manager (irony) but we all need to unplug at some point, especially families.

DON’T try to go hard core strip everybody down of technology at once unless you want a full-on riot on your hands. Start small if you have never done this before and expect some resistance especially from the teens in your house. For example, at my house, we don’t allow tech at meals and on Sundays, we are tech-free. At first, this was hard for me but now I find it refreshing and find myself looking forward to the one day that I am not compulsively checking for social media notifications. The kids will never admit it, but I think they are also a bit more relaxed without their phones attached to their faces.

Ok, for the love of Cloves, who still smokes? Didn’t that go out at the turn of the millennia? If you still do stop and stop yesterday. The science is there it has been there and will continue to be there, it will kill you. There are no more excuses, there are patches, gum, hypnoses, even fake cigarettes to stop an oral fixation. If that does not enough consider the wrinkles it will give you around your mouth, as well as the brown muddy complexion.

Helping kids with bad habits – Encourage kids to try to change small behaviors. For example, my daughter hates homework like every other warm-blooded child. So, the first thing we do when we walk in the door before playtime or anything else is homework. While her brain is still “on” and the quicker she gets it done the quicker she can go about her “fun stuff.” Using the reward system is the crux of the story here, with yourself also, a little bribery never hurt anyone especially with breaking bad habits.

If your Goal is to …

DON’T shove all of the kids in the car for an 8-hour car ride and expect it to be a joyful memorable experience. It’s more likely to turn into something similar to “Lord of the Flies.”

Instead, take baby steps, insist on dinners be exclusive to family time and be sit down dinners. Or maybe make Sunday’s “family day.” Rules- no one makes planes outside of the home or without family. Another option could be taking the trusty planner from resolution #1 and planning one family activity a month that everyone votes on. That way everyone gets input in planning the activity and feels included in the decision process.

If your Goal is to …

10 Realistic Resolutions

DON’T expect for you to have oodles and oodles of free time to book lavish vacations with hubby or partner to meet this unrealistic resolution, save it for retirement.

Instead, become a traveler in your home town. Have you ever opened up Trip Advisor “things to do” in your home town? It’s fascinating what other people have found to do, that maybe you have taken for granted, or merely overlooked or not visited in 30 years that has been renovated. Or maybe instead of going to your “usual go to” restaurant on date night vow to try a new restaurant. This is also a great idea, because it helps dinner conversation along (You know what I’m talking about if you have been married forever like I have)

A lofty goal at best most time mamas right? But more “me time” is not only possible but necessary. Because “Happy Wife Happy Life!”

I’m not talking about eating bon bons and sitting on our tushies all day. I know how hectic our lives are and how our homes might burn to the ground if we take a few minutes for ourselves, or at least it feels like it. But I promise it won’t, your home will actually be more harmonious if mom takes a few moments to herself every day. Make hubby clean up the kitchen and kiddos prep their own lunch for the next day and go hop in the tub. *Lock the door or the little buggars will get in.

If tub time isn’t your thing, maybe take a mind-clearing walk at the end of your day. Or another option, my personal favorite is reading. I read for about 30 minutes every night before I go to sleep. Usually, a mystery that takes my brain to some other reality void of kids, bills and marriage.

To keep you on task with your realistic resolutions I’ve put together a downloadable resolution checklist. Studies show people are 42% more likely to achieve their goals if they write them down so here you go!

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